It took over a year to design but… the newest addition to the Cloud Hoodie fam is finally here!

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When people first started saying that the original Cloud Hoodie was “too cropped” I was like ummm I think we need to have a discussion on the definition of cropped. I looked it up justtttt to be sure I wasn’t missing something and honestly…

Neither of us are right.

Or wrong.

In the fashion dictionary it says that cropped means “shorter than normal.” But you see…everyone’s perspective on “normal” is going to be all over the board!

So that’s why when designing the @popflexactive Long Cloud Hoodie, it actually took longer than I thought because…what really is the perfect length of a hoodie!?

From reading your comments, what I was able to gather was that you wanted it to:

✔️ cover your butt
✔️ cover your stomach when you raise your arms

And turn on top of that, I was like – extra bonus points if it could double as an Ariana dress for me ????

So, thanks to your persistence over the past year, we now have a new member to add to the Cloud Hoodie family! Long Cloud Hoodie is here and I really hope this addresses your concerns!

Now listen – I want you to keep in mind that the final length of this hoodie on your body will be affected by your height, boob size etc. So, on we listed out every model’s height and size in hopes of helping you best determine the perfect size for you. And yes, the length grows as the size grows so the 7” increase in the video is for the s/m size.

And yes, the original Cloud Hoodie still lives! I didn’t kill it bc personally I love the fit of that one on me. Now, there are more options for everyone and I trulyyy hope you’re able to find the right fit fof you. As always, THANK YOU for voicing your feedback. You know I am always listening.


PS: I am 5’5” wearing S/M! All the Cloud Hoodies are avail on ☁️ XXS/XS – 1X/3X @popflexactive​

28 Replies to “It took over a year to design but… the newest addition to the Cloud Hoodie fam is finally here!”

  1. I’m so excited to get mine! It was super helpful to have it modeled on even more body types than you normally do.

  2. please PLEASE make some thing that covers and us Muslims can wear @blogilates

  3. It bothers me alot people does not know how to talk about their opinions without being rude. If it’s that easy to design a hoodie then do it yourself. If you are buying it be respectful of the designer. Instead of yelling “ WHY ID EVERYTHING CROPPED” they could have easily said “ could you maje a longer version?”. If it was me i wouldn’t have taken those guys seriously abd made it even shorter ???????????? congrats to you to have shch patience

  4. ⚠️BLOGILATES!!⚠️ There is a company that had copied your Tenis Skrit. I can't put the name, but it starts with 'H'. I hope this can be fixed.

  5. I just wish your products were more affordable. I love everything you design, and I’d probably buy them all if I could, but the prices on these just aren’t in my budget. I hope to buy something you’ve designed someday soon though, maybe by saving up. Thank you for doing all this though, solving so many fast fashion flaws. I’m sure everyone who bought your products are overjoyed.

  6. Hoestly love all your work. it's flexible, durable, cute, and diverse, and you always take constructive criticism really well

  7. Love it!! But the pockets are too low to put hands in comfortably could you maybe move the pockets upwards a bit? Thank you <3

  8. Thank you so so much for including Muslim model! I couldn't believe it. Now this is inclusivity!

  9. The colour that you showed in the not cropped version is that colour available in the cropped version?

  10. The colour that you should in the long cloud hoody is that a variable in the cropped version?

  11. Hi Cassie, i know im late, but I hope u read this. Lately, I’ve had lots of problems with swimsuits, they’re either too big, their bra pads keep moving, they don’t have bra pads or they’re too small. As someone that doesn’t have a lot of height, it’s so hard to find a swim suit that will fit me AND looks good, i once had to wear a children’s swimsuit & all the designs were cartoon characters. Not to mention the fact that all of them are cameltoe. I really hope u see this and take my suggestions too make a swimsuit!

  12. Love it! But I do have one suggestion even though you probably won't see this, can you make the sleeves the same length or longer as the rest of the hoodie?

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