Its a bit smaller than we expected… – Xiaomi 12s Ultra Camera Sensor Teardown!

Xiaomi has a REALLY big camera… lens. But is the Camera itself as large as they say? They only way to find out for sure is to open it up and measure it for ourselves! Today we are taking apart the brand new flagship 12s Ultra from Xiaomi. We are going to measure the worlds largest smartphone sensor – and see how big it really is. Is Xiaomi’s “true one inch sensor” really 1 inch? I have my doubts…

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26 Replies to “Its a bit smaller than we expected… – Xiaomi 12s Ultra Camera Sensor Teardown!”

  1. imma be honest when the note 10 came out kinda got me thinking what's the point of making something better
    EDIT ironically I have a note 20ultra

  2. Just like newest video from Dpreview, I think we should you new measurement for camera sensor.

  3. Please tear down Real Me GT2 Pro next. They say it is the most powerful phone ever.

  4. I dont know if its covered in this video, but 1 inch class normally doesnt refer to the sensor, but the size of the cathode-ray-tube in broadcast television. This strange measurement system generally only applies to standards common in broadcast television cameras, as film cameras, both video and photography often measured the height, width, or diagonal as you would expect

  5. Now china knows everything about you with that hacking device you have there

  6. It's a lie. They should actually measure the sensor and not what surrounds the sensor. That's a half inch sensor right there

  7. it would have been interesting to connect the sensor without the lenses and then open the camera app to see how it would look …

  8. Kinda funny you're calling it an antiquated way of measuring things.
    Meanwhile the rest of the world looks funny at America, cause y'all still using the imperial system. 😂

  9. The title makes it sound like a scam. Whereas the name “1 inch” is pretty much a industry convention and it’s the same thing for every company who uses this size of a sensor.

  10. Considering the measure of inches is from the dark ages, we might as well let them use a dark age way of measuring a sensor!

  11. you know they use 1 inch as a term its not a 1inch sensor a lot of companies do that shit they all use it as a term to fool customers

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