Jordan Peterson: How To Fix Your Life

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Video on inner child:

Jordan Peterson has hundreds of hours of interviews and lectures on YouTube but with so much volume it can be tough to distill the essence of his life philosophy. And to make things even more difficult, he sometimes uses abstract language like this. It’s within the individual that redemption can be… manifested, let’s say. And even in so far as the state is concerned because the state’s proper functioning is dependent on the proper functioning of the individual rather than the reverse, most fundamentally.

That is actually the most concise explanation of his life philosophy that I’ve heard but what does it mean concretely? Well, today we’re going to break down the three things that you should and should not in order to live an exceptional life according to Dr. Peterson. And I’m going to simplify as best as I can in order to keep this simple to understand; forgive me for that Dr. Peterson. Also, at the end, I’m going to get some concrete actions to you that you can take today in order to move forward on each point.

0:56 Fix yourself before you fix the world
2:14 Tell the truth
7:14 Refusing to acknowledge your “shadow”

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30 Replies to “Jordan Peterson: How To Fix Your Life”

  1. I actually like abstractions. They force me to think about it. To distill my own meaning from something. It allows me to be the creator of my own beleifs then its so much easier to do so

  2. WHY did this video show Democrat politicians and celebs? They have zero credibility as leaders.

  3. Nail meet head, personal integrity would fix the world or go a long way towards doing so, but people seem to think integrity is a detriment to personal success.

  4. Truth is an interesting thing. You can build an ever shifting foundation if you don’t use the full truth or lies. You just have to make sure your constantly repairing the cornerstone or such. It gets interesting while trying to use ideas that are the quote on quote truth, to build those cornerstones out of. Why is something like the heroes tale so universal over time and culture. Or something like music can communicate to anybody a mood. So the cool thing about that is they’ve been tried ant tested over a damn long time to work or fail.

  5. sometimes you learn and grow, but the community and groups of friends refuse to face reality, so they stay in their delusions

  6. Duh, Braveheart is the most digustingly inaccurate historical drama ever filmed -Gibson rewrites history completely, for a start, Wallace led his troops to slaughter by setting a purely defensive spear wall that was easily defeated. Reid: 'while unquestionably a good partisan leader, William Wallace's military abilities were simply not up to the job of organizing, training and leading a conventional military force'.

  7. Just contacted my best friend who I suddenly cut off contact with him and the outside world when I got into depression, he answered and he also wants to get back in touch

  8. Channel: Charisma on command
    Featuring: Jordan Peterson, the least charismatic person on planet Earth

  9. Quick question: How many academics in canada are currently in jail because of that gender pronoun legislation? Jordan Peterson set up this huge straw man that never existed. Then apparently people still can't read up about the history of this to know that it's not true and never was. He misrepresented what was happening and people don't appear to be able to figure that out.

  10. Jordan peterson is a great self help guru, his mistake was trying to get involved in the culture wars because he's unaware of how unprepared he is to tackle those problems and thinks he can intellectually think his way out of any problem. He's often proved wrong. The result is a massive amount of psychological pressure to perform in an arena he told everybody he is a master of, but actually can't deliver on those promises. So he's breaking down and crying all the time, because he's failing to live up to his own public persona and there is no way out of it. He dug such a big hole he's being threatened by the walls collapsing in on him.

  11. Your thumbnail says Don’t Be That Guy and shows a picture of an awful person, and I was like, “yes!” this will be excellent! And then you use him as an example as the guy to BE? ????????‍♀️Why can’t you find a better mentor to use for examples than Jordan Peterson? As a woman, and a Canadian, I find him horribly offensive no matter what fluffy platitudes he spews. I was going to recommend my son for your program but now I’m just really unsure. There are so many better people you could be showing examples of. Yikes.

  12. at 10:00 you say the whole thing about the person we hate the most, or the thing they do that infuriates us. We have that same trait. I think this is true AND false… I hate lazy people when im working, but i can come to terms with the fact that I AM LAZY, just not at work. I get paid to do a job, and so does this other person. Why should they be getting paid to be lazy asf? Can you explain this? @Charisma On Command

  13. 6:24 Yeah. It is when you surrender yourself, become a slave to a belief, that this belief will always control you. To believe in an ideal, for this belief to be yours, means to be willing to betray it.

  14. The 'Learn about God' ad has the hidden premise that what written in the bible is true. The bible is a second person account, that has been passed down in a 2000 year game of Chinese whispers. It's not a valid source of what actually happened. It's not a valid source of what Jesus said.

  15. The past years', since this JP video was produced, folks are leaving Face Book, due to it's evil intent, and consequences'. Thanks.

  16. If only those at the top told the truth(politics, corporations, etc ) , cleaned up after themselves instead of paying someone else

  17. I was honest about my corrupt bosses, everyone turned on me and was harassed and bullied, I quit but now I don't regret it.

  18. Telling the truth might mean facing the consequences but you will not have to continue lying and you will be free.

  19. Don't lie to yourself either. If your life is in shambles admit it and fix it. Don't whine but don't try to paint a picture to others that's a complete lie.

  20. Its a bit More emergent whats happening To the planet, how we as societys destroy It, then if your room Is clean. How can i fix my self if i cant even breath fresh air, cause of pollution.

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