Just put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven

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Mary Risley of San Francisco’s ‘Food Runners’ shows you how to roast a Thanksgiving turkey and prepare the gravy in her own style!

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14 Replies to “Just put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven”

  1. This is awesome, except I put the aluminum on the breast from the beginning to slow the cooking down. Turns out perfect, pull it out when the thermometer hits 165, the uncovered legs cook faster and just remove the aluminum in the last 30 minutes to brown, when the temperature is around 130-140. I also use a slower oven, 325 degrees as this works better with a larger bird. Literally no work, I spend far more time on making the stuffing!

  2. I love the “watching the clouds” song. I’m so distracted by the music.

  3. My fave tip … use oven mitts to get the f***** turkey out of the roaster and onto the cutting board! Just tried it, works great!

  4. Watching and sharing this each Thanksgiving morning has become a tradition for me. Thanks for this great video.

  5. Cajun injected fried turkey, cause all y’all Yankees can’t cook turkey worth a damn. And remember…..Nothin says lovin like somethin from the fugin oven! 🦃

  6. Dear Aunt Mary: I learned an EASY method to cook turkey: cut it up like a chicken! It also makes the thing easier to get the meat off for serving. I bought a thawed turkey at the market and the butcher did the hard part. I just chopped a couple of onions to put on the bottom, spread out all the parts, salt and pepper, and cook at 450-degrees for 90-minutes: YES, THAT'S ALL. When the different parts register 165–degrees, they come out and go into a big covered pot to rest until all of it is cooked. Wings are first done, then legs, then breasts/legs. Let rest for half an hour, then pull the meat off, slice and serve.

  7. lol if your making turkey with just butter, salt and pepper its no wonder you don't think turkey taste good.

  8. Spatchcock that turkey. Even if you don't think it tastes any better, it's always fun to rip out the spine and it cooks in half the time. plus you get to make some awesome spinal gravy.

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