Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Aling Lucing's original sisig from Pampanga

Ms. Jessica Soho pays a visit to Pampanga, the country’s Culinary Capital, to find out how Aling Lucing Cunanan’s original sisig is prepared.

Date aired: August 24, 2014

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16 Replies to “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Aling Lucing's original sisig from Pampanga”

  1. this woman is a legend.. she brought filipino food to the next level.. sisig is well known all over the world now…

  2. 1:45 Si Aling Lucing hindi po basta pumanaw. Pinatay siya sa saksak ng isang magnanakaw. Naibalita pa nga ito ang ang napagbintangan ang asawa ni Aling Lucing.

  3. Hindi nman ganun kasarap..180 1ng order,pero mas msarap pa ung 50 pesos na nbili ko sa mga ngtitinda Lang ng sisig malapit samin..

  4. SÍSIG existed long before Aling Lucing was even born. It was recorded in Diego Bergaño's Vocabulario de la Lengua Pampanga as early as 1732.

    It was traditionally a dish reserved for expectant mothers. Many Kapampángans have witnessed the pregnant women in their household prepare SÍSIG BÁBÎ long before Aling Lucing even served SíSIG in public.

    Even though she opened her barbecue place in 1974, she only started serving SÍSIG in 1979. Many people in Angeles City can still remember that even though Aling Lucing made SÍSIG BÁBÎ popular outside of Pampánga, there were already others before her who broke conventions and serve it as "pulútan." Noted Among them was the late Kadong Dinio of the Dinio clan of Barangay Agapito del Rosario. He owned a barbecue stand next to Aling Lucing and it was from him that Aling Lucing was said to have gotten her recipe. Although credit may be given for changing boiled BALUGBUG BÁBÎ 'pig's ears' to grilled PISNGÎ or BALÍNGIT 'pig's cheeks'.

    It was the late Benedicto Pámintuan, the brother of Angeles City Mayor Ed Pámintuan, who first serve SÍSIG BÁBÎ on a sizzling plate at his in-law's residence in Dálan Lakandúlâ. Although he also used Aling Lucing's improvisation of replacing pig's ears with pig's cheeks. Enterprising as ever, Aling Lucing also later on served SÍSIG BÁBÎ on a sizzling plate. The rest is history.

  5. When I was in the Philippines we went to this restaurant and a friend of mine has ordered sisig and I love it. After that I've been craving to eat again and because I don't have knowledge in cooking, been even trying to cook one to figure out if it was the sisig that I have tasted awhile ago but it turned out like adobo, haha. Now, I can't wait to cook after watching this video. Thanks to YouTube and the founder.

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