Keith Owen: Escape from Side Control (Thumb in the Arm Pit)

Keith Owen shows how to escape when your arms are pushed over your head when your partner has side control. Here he shows the thumb in the arm pit. Check out

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  1. this Keith Owen guy really has me scratching my head, I’ve watched a few of his instructional videos today and I gotta say he has the most full of shit teaching method I’ve ever seen in BJJ, I understand he’s a black belt under Pedro Sauer but his teaching style wreaks of mcdojo Kung fu and no touch chi….I’m a purple belt btw…can anyone enlighten me?

  2. I gotta say its kind of weird how picky guys are about moves. I'm a skinny guy and it fucking sucks when some big guy puts ALL his weight on my chest and just hangs out. Especially with a rib thats always risking reinjury. So all day with this I like it. Oh or another one when some big guy passes the guard and sinks his shin/knee into your thigh. Like first of all painful as fuck and secondly its not even necessary! so yeah I support using this move against a big guy giving you a shitty side control. or anyone for that matter. Give the skinny guys some uncomfortable options. Or knee on belly! Lots of commonplace moves that suck way more than I imagine this does. Suppose I should have someone try it out on me before I make up my mind though.

  3. I prefer to grab the gi in the arm pit. I've found that doing so gives me better control than just putting my hand in the arm pit.

  4. This works very well. I use it all the time. It's not a pressure point, it's not dirty, and you will not break your thumb. If you don't think it will work…..don't use it.

  5. How can this be illegal? This is very similar to doing a knee on belly or a sharp elbow on the inside of a thigh to open one's guard

  6. I've done this over and over again with guys 3 times my size. They all think that I'm strong but it's just the technique. I

  7. I don´t see it as being dirtier than a sharp elbow in the thigh to open up someone's closed guard. Excellent tip, sir. Thank you. I love your videos.

  8. @swilson3d Sam, This is not real BJJ. Settle down don't take it personally. Whe I was 13 or so I loved to think this was cool. "World Champion Level" Are you saying this crap is being taught by a BJJ World Champion. When did he win the Worlds or even compete in the worlds. Look Sam there is a lot of crap out there and people deserve to know whats what.

  9. @holyshitletmeinplz I think YOU are confused about who you are talking to. These guys aren't just wrestling each other in their basement, guessing at what might work. These are high level grapplers. They train with a world champion level circle of friends.
    -and BTW the name he said was Roy "Big Country" Nelson.
    It's called rewind, it's not rocket science.

  10. Can you please tell me where this worked in the UFC again? I know you said "Big Something, whats his name?" But really this cant work in a real fight. Please stop saying real fighters use this. Someone would dislocate your thumb. You are flat on your back trying to get your opponent off you with a thumb. Come on. Are you sure you didn't see this in the WWF? I think you are confused.

  11. @thosedamnhooligans Yeh come on! Thumb in the armpit? Dirty move! Let's at least keep it civilized and just try to break our opponents arm and choke him out instead.


  12. so the thumb is just used to bring a little pain eh? If i use my thumb to push away i'm def gonna screw that thing up.

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