Kimchi made with mustard greens (gat-kimchi:갓김치)

I’m sharing my gat kimchi recipe today! Oh my gaht! : )
Gat is mustard greens in Korean. It’s super easy to make without using lots of kimchi seasoning paste. Full recipe:

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18 Replies to “Kimchi made with mustard greens (gat-kimchi:갓김치)”

  1. Love kimchi ❤️… When you leave the veg to ferment at room temp, did you put it in airtight container or just leave them open in countertop? Thanks

  2. Никогда в жизни не видела в продаже зелень горчицы…. Где взять?????

  3. wowwwwww ????????????????????????
    love your all recipes ????????????????
    thanks for sharing ????????

  4. 크 특히 고기랑 먹을때 제일 맛나는 것 같아욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. I'm curious about why not cut it before fermenting? Why do we ferment it as a whole stalk, only cutting it before eating? Will that affect the taste?

  6. I love your videos, especially the kimchi recipes. Maybe you would make a Seafood Pancake recipe.

  7. Hola thank you for your delicious yummy Recipe and thank you for your video enjoy ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♦️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♦️????????

  8. Maangchi, I always love your stories that anchor your recipes in something human, but this one was especially meaningful. It’s amazing how the unique elements of the “simple” products we grow up with can have such importance, and can be a source for such a loving bond, found out of the blue! I have only been to Yeosu and Dolsando twice, but never knew their fame for mustard greens, which is one of my favorite vegetables! I will HAVE to make this kimchi. I am fermenting a batch of your baechu kimchi as we speak on my counter, actually haha. Thank you for being such an invaluable resource for people like me who want to have truly authentic Korean food, steeped in not only cooking/culinary experience and taste, but also human relationships and emotion.

  9. Could you make some gak kimchi. Plssssss. Like the clear kimchi. My friend said it was really good.

  10. とても美味しそうですね。

  11. This looks sooooo good. One day I will get to try this dish lol. I'm determined ????. Tyfs God bless you

  12. …..Вкусно….очень!????????????Very tasty!????????????

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