Kitchen Addition & Remodel EP05 | Floor leveling, brick demolition, finish facia Demolition Hammer
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It’s time for another adventure with the Perkins Brothers and Crew adding an addition to a friends home as part of a kitchen remodel! This project is a “filler” job while the Perkins Team waits for the drywall to be installed and finished on the Mountain Cabin Project.

On this episode we tear into the existing house to figure out how much we need to for up the existing deck or our new subfloor to match the old one. We also demolish the brick façade as well as get going on some finish materials like facia!

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29 Replies to “Kitchen Addition & Remodel EP05 | Floor leveling, brick demolition, finish facia”

  1. A skillsaw saw guide wouldve helped when cutting your particle board strips. 🤙🏽

  2. Tell me you’re sponsored by zip tape without telling me:

    I’m just going to use zip tape to do this random task….

    $78 cabinet door holder closer. 😅

  3. I’ve been screaming every time I seen that roof that it needs replaced! Lol you could never tie into those old shingles without a leak in the future. Great video guys

  4. God watching you guys figure stuff out in imperial… so glad I'm on metric lol

  5. Wondered why you haven't insulated the floor between deck and new flooring, this is a very interesting series keep up the great work

  6. I fell through floor joists at that spacing, put my hand out and caught myself. Busted ligaments, three surgeries and twelve months later, back on the tools! It pays just to be careful.

  7. The house that I live in now was going to be for the contractor who built this ''tract'' IN Torrance, Ca. back in '55 or so, but after it was built he changed his mind and my wife's grand-pa bought it.. The neighbor's house was going to be for his mothers. At 13:38 or so, you say that Matt's house was built like the Titanic. Another bit of evidence to that end are the copper vents. That is very expensive, and you can't get much better than that, JAIME!!!!!19:26 ''MY RECOMMENDATION IS YOU DO THE WHOLE ROOF, (SO I COULD SEND MORE MONEY BACK TO THE OLD COUNTRY!).

  8. For being in Amercia, where tools are cheap, why the H are you guys smashing brick walls with big hammers, why the H did you not use the jack hammer that you prompted and use that to take the brick work out one course at a time, the vibrations is not good for a old house brick work..
    Come now..
    And those pillairs are still scary..

  9. Not the best brick work I have seen, no ties, the brick itself looked to be very soft.

  10. if only used the metric system, working out lengths and dimensions would be SO much easier 😜

  11. Underlayment is very common in the northwest. Usually particle board but I’ve even seen 1/4 inch plywood sheeting used as underlay

  12. As a remodeler myself, I love watching y'all get a taste! Not as easy as new construction, eh? Also, not that what you did was wrong, but what would have happened if you ripped down some 2x material for your furring strips instead? Seemed like a lot of work cutting and gluing all that advantech. Cheers!

  13. Hes not even old and he shot his pants? Must be all that chilli you guys eat

  14. You going over that nice finished floor with the wheel barrow made me wince. As someone that does almost only remodels I'll tell you Ram board is your friend!

  15. I’ll retract the roof statement I made a few episodes back. But still think should have been new posts put underneath.

  16. Unfortunate how accurate Jamie's depiction of newbies trying to toenail screw is. That's exactly what I was doing earlier today for a home project. I got the tip a couple hours too late!

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