Knife Making – Making a White Knife

Hi, first of all happy new year to you all! In this video I show how I made a beautiful hunting style knife with an acid coated blade, handle made with copper details, two types of wood and nylon, with a small wooden pommel. Watch the video and check how it turned out, leave your like and comment, promote the video to help leverage the channel. Thanks

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17 Replies to “Knife Making – Making a White Knife”

  1. What’s the point of having a forge and an anvil if you’re just going to tap it a few times and then go all stock removal?

  2. If you put any pressure on the handle it will break because your tang is way to short and you don’t have a mechanical lock (pin) you can’t trust epoxy with that at least if your tang was longer into the white plastic it would have a better chance

  3. Really cool knife. The only issue that I have is that the tang should be a full tang and riveted on the end in the nylon as the coefficient of linear expansion between the nylon and the metal is quite different. This will result in the two parts eventually becoming loose.

  4. На будущее для придания зеркальности не полно а частичной используй черный резиновый диск ,применяется в стоматологии для шлифовки зубных коронок, результат тебя приятно удивит.Удачи!!!

  5. Thats lvly white knife my friend i dont cear how knifes are made yes blacksmithing is a loung proses its hard work just havent got time to do it on video so you make it in adifrent class and try show people norther way doi knifes its a cracker sir well made that comes from your hart 👍👍be safe godbless un till next time buddy🛸

  6. Хорошая работа! Отличный нож получился!

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