Knitting Design #96# ‌।‌। (हिन्दी में) with English instructions….


K-knit ( सीधा)
P-Purl (उलटा )
Yo- Yarn over (धागा आगे )
K2tog -Knit 2Together (२फंदो को एक साथ बुने )
SSK- (Slip Slip knit )

Hello friends!!
welcome to my channel.
In this video I explained the process to make new knitting pattern.
For this design you will need:
▪knitting needle no.10
▪any colour knitting yarn of your choice..
this is very easy and I hope you like it…
इस विडियो मे मैने स्वेटर का डिजाइन बनाना बताया है।
इसे बनाने के लिए आपको चाहिए :
▪10 no. की सलाई
▪किसी रंग के ऊन
for more designs stay tuned…
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20 Replies to “Knitting Design #96# ‌।‌। (हिन्दी में) with English instructions….”

  1. I like this but I cant follow because I dont understand the language
    can you put subtitles to this?

  2. Aur pls Apne titles mein likha kieejiye for beginners or second level beginners or difficult ..Aissa kuch..

  3. Hello mam, the design is very beautiful, but there is a slight confusion. you have mentioned to cast on 25sts, and multiple of 25 sts, but if you calculate, its 27 sts. could you please clarify. i want to knit a shawl with this design.

  4. me ek bina hath wala jacket banane ke lie 22 sal ki beti kelie kitne fanda lungi aur kitne line me neck banana he

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