Korean garlic bread review ????????

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18 Replies to “Korean garlic bread review ????????”

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  2. Di I made Maggie In different style today pls make sure you try it :

    if its interesting pls Send this(????) emoji after trying this recipe:-

    •Put butter, chili flakes,soya sauce, seasme seed and one packet of Maggie masala and melt butter on stove then put it in your dish in which you will eat Maggie

    • then boil noodles in the same bowl in which you melted the butter and put remaining packet of Maggie masala

    • then pour noodles in that dish in which you poured your butter thing and then mix it and start eating

    Hope your like it (????)

  3. Didi Korean garlic bread to mujhe dekhne muskmelon jaise lag raha hai ????????????????

  4. Didi Korean garlic bread to mujhe dekhne muskmelon jaise lag raha hai ????????????????

  5. really you said aap sabhne garlic bread sabhne khai hai but mene nhi khayi????

  6. Acha ap itna resort jati ho travel karti ho ..
    Kya please batao ge apka profession kya hai?
    Matlb youtuber k alawa

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