Korean girls watched [Malaysian Beauty Youtube]|말레이시아 뷰티 유튜브를 파헤쳐 보았다!

Hi~ This is Blimey! 🍍🍍

One of our crew Yerim likes to watch beauty Youtube, and she found some wonderful Malaysian beauty Youtube Channels! 😍
So today, Blimey watched Malaysian Beauty Youtube Channels together for the first time!
We had a time getting to know Malaysian Beauty 😉
Check it out in our newest video!

* Music
We Are One by Vexento https://www.youtube.com/user/Vexento
Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Ssvu2yncgWU

Running by Dj Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/BdOoZMsytuc

27 Replies to “Korean girls watched [Malaysian Beauty Youtube]|말레이시아 뷰티 유튜브를 파헤쳐 보았다!”

  1. Who is your favorite Malaysian Youtuber or Instagrammer?! 💕 Please let us know 😍

  2. Hi try to react concert royal albert siti nurhaliza legend singer in malaysia

  3. Blimey can you reacts to Big stage Hanbyul 🇰🇷 ft. Siti Sarah 🇲🇾 cover Dirgahayu ..love love. you will shocked

  4. Hi blimey~ I suggest that u guys can check out the Chinese Malaysian YouTuber~

  5. Malaysia, yang dikalahkan kotor dan dikagetkan, juga menindas. Anda dihilangkan dalam pusingan ke-16 dan Korea adalah pemenang.

  6. u should look asyallie makeup. Just type asyallie and her instagram! checkout now! 🙂

  7. Blimey, can you do a video whether you find malaysian women/man are attractive? It is not based on famous people but based on people u meet at the street in msia. If u make this reaction, it will be interesting. 😀

  8. Hello blimey👐can u guys react to Malay girl instafamous like…
    I really hope u guys can do this for me🙆 kamsahamnida

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