Korean pickled garlic (Tongmaneul jangajji:: 통마늘 장아찌)

Garlic season is here! Let’s make Korean style Garlic Pickles!
The written recipe is on my website: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tongmaneul-jangajji

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27 Replies to “Korean pickled garlic (Tongmaneul jangajji:: 통마늘 장아찌)”

  1. Such a sweet and amazing lady…. Love to watch her every videos ❤

  2. Thankyou Aunty. It may be slow food. But it doesn't require a lot of effort. Just little bits of work every now and then.

  3. Спасибо за рецепт ! и за Ваш труд!????????Thanks for the recipe! and for your work!????????????…..Вкусно….очень!????Very tasty!????

  4. Hello thank you for your sharing wonderful super delicious yummy incredible Recipe and thank you for your beautiful video enjoy ????????????????????????❤️❤️????????♥️♥️????????????????????❣️❣️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❣️????????

  5. This looks so good. I don’t know if I have enough patience to wait that long. I’m sure the rewards are worth it. Is there a recipe with less sugar or is it required to enable the fermentation process ?

  6. Hi maangchi I showed it to my mom and said I wanna try this she is not happy with vinegar is there any other substitute for vinegar???

  7. As someone who isn't too familiar with Korean cuisine (I can't eat spicy things, but I like learning about foreign food and Maangchi's videos are great!), it's fascinating to me how many things are fermented/pickled in some way since it's not common where I'm from! I understand it would've been the only method of preservation available in the past, but it's interesting that so many of those dishes have still stuck around in Korean culture to this day. Goes to show that it's an effective method! ????

  8. Looks cool! It seems like I can even feel the smell, can't wait to try the receipt)) but still need to wait for 8 months.. btw, I have a question – do we need to boil the brine every 2 weeks for 8 months? Or just a couple of times will be enough?

  9. @maangchi after the 3rd boiling, do we need to boil them again or that will be the last time we should boil it? How would we know it is fermenting correctly on the following months?

  10. MANAG hi I like your recipes and the way of your cooking very much

  11. True it's very slow food. You know it's strange to me some people when they pickle certain things they leave the skin on but others take it off. I don't understand why people do one way or the other.

  12. In Iran, we make pickled garlic, too, but only in pure vinegar ???? and we keep it for 7 years . We say it's like a medecin after 7 years

  13. wowwwwww ????????????????????
    delicious ????????????????????
    thanks for sharing ????????

  14. I was doing my Dishes and then I heard she said something like: " Kongnamul Janggaji ". what? ???? Is she gonna pickle soybean sprout? Long time I watched her enjoyed cooking since I was 7 grade. Now I'm in college for 4 years. I felt like I'm her son watching his mother from abroad. ❤

  15. Should we boil every week for 8 months?? Or just leave it aside

  16. The pickled garlic looks beautiful.
    I love garlic and this is such a nice thing to learn about.

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