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12 Replies to “Late May Garden Tour! ????✨???? // Garden Answer”

  1. Heirloom Roses overcharges for tbeir roses–oh, no, they couldn't possibly sell them for less–and then sends roses at no charge to you. I would stop mentioning them. We don't like having our noses rubbed in it.

    In case you want to cast me as cheap or a poor sport, I worked with Vintage Gardens and know what they charged; I order from Burlington Rose Nursery and know what they charge; I have bought roses from Russian River Roses and Rogue Valley Roses and know what they charge; and so on. The only other outfit that overcharges that I have dealt with is Angel Gardens (or whatever it's called) in Florida.

  2. Love your tour videos. What about a splash pad in the circle part of the new patio

  3. Hi Laura and Aaron! Sorry if this has already been answered, but I see that you guys grow a lot of fruit and veg for a family of 4. Who do you share your goodies with? Do you like canning? Thanks!

  4. Hey Laura, your family is truly blessed. You live and own, a garden of Eden. I’m going to be 40 at the end of the year, and have been gardening since I was young boy. However, your enthusiasm really spurs me on and you give me ideas for my own garden. I live in Australia and so your inspiration is far reaching. Question though what happened to the flame willows?????

  5. What’s your opinion on Wisteria? I’ve noticed it around a lot (given the time of year) and noticed I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in your garden! Interested to know ????

  6. What about low growing groundcover under the maples? Like vinca or waldsteinia, or geranium cantabrigiense varieties? Would still keep the "empty" look.

  7. What is the name of the boxwood you are going to replace? Which boxwood variety do you prefer?

  8. That is so weird! My buddleia and hibiscus are all dead too, and I live in Norway. How weird is that…

  9. Laura ,Aaron and Garden Answers progress has been eye opening in so many wonderful factors of beauty
    Progress being made in projects,planting inspiring just beautiful to see

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