Hey guys! Today’s video is my night routine for law school. I made this super informal and vlog style. My nights are really laid back, I do homework, eat dinner, shower, the usual stuff. I like to spend a lot of my nights relaxing after finishing my work because I wake up so early to get ready and start the day. I hope you enjoy! xo

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  1. "All the homework I had for this week is already done."….My Procrastination could never…

  2. I'm going through orientation right now, but next week is when my classes start for real. I'm already feeling pretty nervous about the reading load and your system of working a week ahead is great. Any advice on how to initially get ahead? The prospect of completing my assigned reading is already daunting. I can't imagine how to do it twice over.

  3. I’m still in 8th grade (middle school) and I am already sure that I want to study law school and you’ve just inspired me to be organized and better at school,thank you sooooooo much.

  4. hey i have some questions about doing your homework a week in advance. i like to do things in advance too and be super organized and i'm thinking about going to law school (currently rising junior in undergrad). 1. do other people also do their work way in advance? 2. are you reviewing it in the days leading up to the due date or just getting it done to not be stressed? 3. is it hard to get ahead in the very beginning bc you have to do the current week's work first?

  5. Hey! How are you able to stay a week ahead of your homework ? Do professors usually give you weeks ahead of homework? Thank you!! 💖💖💖

  6. I am so glad I found your channel!! I am a senior and currently in the law school apps process, and it's so encouraging to see someone a year ahead of me and see what all there is to look forward to! Love your videos 🙂

  7. I wish I could change into something close to you, I REALLY WANTED TO GET AHEAD IN SCHOOL. 😭😭😭

  8. this video made me feel like i need to get my life together wow im so inspired by your organization keep doing you girl

  9. I love these style of vlogs/ videos! Not enough people or girls sadly are still going to school on YouTube anymore and school is hard work but it's rewarding in the end, & when you're where you need to be! ✨

  10. Subscribed because I already know you have great tips for school and I'm in my first semester. It's all much needed!

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