Leupold CQB SS 1.1 – 8x Rifle Scope – Field tested by Viking Tactics

We’ve really put Leupold’s new CQB SS scope through its paces – and it’s proved to be a tough, useful scope that provides a tactical edge regardless of whether you’re engaging a target at 3 yards, 30, or 300.

Viking Tactics website: http://www.vikingtactics.com

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  1. Front scope rings are mounted to the rail while the back two are mounted on the receiver… lmao. I guess some people don’t care about their scopes. Especially $3,000 scopes.

  2. @Scorch Toad Only advantage is if you have to take long shots. Red dots are great for 100 and closer but 100 plus the magnification is hard to beat. I am currently using the 1-6 from Leupold, a little lighter and doesn't cost as much.


  3. Hi Mr Lamb, noticed that you employ a Leupold rifle scope for close to mid-range drills. Is there a greater advantage with a CQB rifle scope than a red dot optic?

  4. According to Leupold . com, the version with the cheapest reticle is $4999. While I realize a dealer could choose to sell it for some amount less than that, I stated what Leupold is advertising it for.

  5. @thopkins22 The MK 6 is a great choice, very nice scope, that is what I have been using almost exclusively on my carbine for the last year.


  6. @David Kinsley Had to rig that up, didn't have a 34mm mount that would work so I went with the rings. I now use the Alamo Four Star mounts.


  7. SGM Lamb, thanks for your service. Why do you have 2 scope mounts on the rear of the scope? Also, you have great products and I've read both of your books, repeatedly. I guess I am a VTAC fan boy.

  8. @patriotmanUSA It takes practice, but if you leave it on the lower power it is easier. It is the field of view that matters, the larger the field of view the better.


  9. I agree with every one else the price is totally rediculous ,I will buy an FN SCAR for that! U can get the Mark6 1-6x for 1900 and that is still high! Really want one but will never be able to get it, thanks a lot Leupold!

  10. @tsette At the time of release or the prototype they did not have their one piece base completed yet. I currently use the DLOC version for this scope from Alamo Four Star. Kyle

  11. Kyle why do you use three rings as a setup to hold the scope? Was two not enough? And what brand are the rings/bases and at what height?


  12. Best thing to do is check their web site for the latest reticle updates, they have pictures that will answer those questions. I have prototype scopes so they are slightly different reticles.


  13. for durability and reliability i'll stick with my uso,"we" use it because we can use anything we want and we aren't constricted by a budget.
    leupold makes some great gear, i have a mk4 ert on my 300 winmag but when $ is no object and we need the strongest, truest thing on the planet for mission, we go to uso and will probably NEVER go anywhere else.

  14. These arent intended for a FUDD gun. This scope is intended to stand up to HARD use in a multitude of environments that soldier might find themselves in. It has to work 100% of the time no matter what happened to it. Durability and reliability like that come with a price.

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