Lineage II. Dark elf – Speed Painting (#Paint tool SAI) | CreativeStation

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Artist: Sergey Svistunov

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24 Replies to “Lineage II. Dark elf – Speed Painting (#Paint tool SAI) | CreativeStation”

  1. I loved your vid! 🙌 The part at 1:28 is so chill. Your drawing for sure is like Oli Mueller. His drawings is similar to Aaron Blaise and a bit of Monet.

    You should definitely check his page out and give him a like! 👉 #NewArtistOliMueller

  2. when i work/train hard for another 10 years , this will be easy peasy lol XD

  3. Anyone know what the best type of brush or brush setup is for painting in SAI?

  4. I think I am just fallen in love with Sergey Svistunov… What a fucking crack!

  5. а лица рисовать так и не научился, да и череп чет не помогло 

  6. D,: it's fucking awesome. I'm envious 🙁 I also love dark elves and lineage2 so I really admire your talent! 

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