Louisville Slugger Unveils New "MLB Prime" Bat

Check out the new 2013 “MLB Prime” Major League baseball bat from Louisville Slugger, which consumers can buy at retail for the first time. See how the sluggers are made for players like Derek Jeter and Josh Hamilton with WSJ reporter Jeff Bush. This video has been edited to correct a name.
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19 Replies to “Louisville Slugger Unveils New "MLB Prime" Bat”

  1. In the video he says that the only difference between MLB bats and Prime bats is Derek Jeeter's name. So why do the MLB bats have Derek Jeeter's name on them? Does anyone know?

  2. Only 15% of MLB players use slugger. They have been going downhill ever since John Hillerich IV took over in 2000/2001 from his Father. Only reason company is still in business is because of the museum. Even the museum has gone downhill since Covid hit in 2020. The museum got rid of some amazing employees and tour guides and now all the tour is is videos and guides that are not knowledgeable

  3. Maybe you will try making some and soaking them like drift wood before sanding and painting the bats. They will be harder with the minerals in water. The minerals the hard of a bat. Maybe with a cave man club logo and the word driftwood . I was thinking after painting, and lacquering the bats you could dip the handle end in a rubberized/polymer mixed paint coating for smooth grippier texture.

  4. Host: "Even a Mets fan might be able to hit something with this"
    Mets fans: 🤬
    Yankees fans: You're mad cus it's true 🤣

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