Lush Haul // Summer 2015! Elle Fowler

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You can find Lush Products here!

Porridge Soap
Sea Vegetable Soap
Lovely Jubblies
Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment
Floating Island
You’ve been Mangoed
Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar
Godiva Shampoo Bar
Seanik Shampoo Bar
Soft Coeur Massage Bar
Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Space Girl Bath Bomb
Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar



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27 Replies to “Lush Haul // Summer 2015! Elle Fowler”

  1. I smelt the blue and white bubble bar and it actually smells really bad. I went into lush today but when I smelt that is literally stunk like rotten beef!!!

  2. Please do more Lush hauls, I love seeing them! I also have Honey, I Washed My Hair shampoo bar that I got a couple of weeks ago & it's amazing 🙂 I hope you liked it!

  3. You bought porridge soap in one of your earliest lush video, and you said you didn't like it.

  4. I think the LUSH US website just got updated with the U.K. exclusive Oxford Street items. I would love to see you do a haul on those, and see your thoughts on them. Love you Elle! 😘

  5. ELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having withdrawals.. When will you have a new plan with me video up?? 🙂

  6. will your back ever not hurt? or will it just be like a dull ache forever? just wondering for when and if you have kids! i know normally people complain about their backs so i would hate for yours to be amplified because of your injury.

  7. Could you make a video on how you store your lush stuff? I'm always interested in techniques or tips on how to store my products and make them last longer.

  8. I am sure someone probably already mentioned this but if you put the bath bombs that you know have chunks of stuff inside one of those mesh drawstring bags it keeps the stuff out of the water 🙂

  9. You totally got lash extensions didn't you? I have had mine for three months and I am obsessed. Now whenever I find someone else who has them I just want to discuss how they have changed my life haha!!

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