Macbook Air Unboxing & Review – What You Should Know!

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A just purchased, brand new, never opened, Unboxing of a Macbook Air.
I’ll walk you through it from sealed in the box – to in your had fully functioning! Learn why, even though I had a macbook pro – I still
decided on a Air! And that even if you do your home work, regarding
which mac to go for, you still may have to opt for two machines like I did.

14 Replies to “Macbook Air Unboxing & Review – What You Should Know!”

  1. Why Youtube is recommanding this ?
    I mean this MBA is outdated if i'm not wrong ?

  2. i recently bought the 2017 macbook air , i LOVE that laptop lightning fast beautiful screen not as everyone describe it as 'bad screen' and the built is wonderful its just perfect !

  3. the hp Probook looks like a macbook air kinda but 3x bigger. I actually have this hp computer.

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