Made a Valentines Day Template // #shorts

#shorts // Used Totalboat Epoxy Resin for this heart ❤️ pour. 1:1 ratio // one part resin and one part hardner


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  1. If you torch your epoxy briefly it will pop the bubbles in it and give you a great finish. Nice work!

  2. Very good but we dont have more plastic cups in Germany, they are forbidden to protect environment…

  3. А зачем вырезают жопу па фанерке? И руками пытаются показать жопу. Это что за мода?

  4. Теперь только на дверь дачного нужника повесить

  5. No disrespect but why would you clamp it off the table? You can keep the whole thing on the table and still clamp the end you're not working on

  6. Epoxy shrinks over weeks. If you just top the heart off, it'll end up having so sort a divit

  7. wait a minute honey, i still have to digest the expoy shreds i got into the food i cut on our cutting board when cutting on it

  8. I'd be so nervous that I'd get the point of the heart slightly off-center. Like it needs to be either perfect or intentionally angled or it'll catch your eye right away.

  9. No self respecting man should ever, ever make the heart shape with his hands. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Have you thought about clamping the non- working end of the piece to the edge of the bench with the working end ON the bench? Much safer, smarter, and easier than working out over the edge like that.

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