Magically Turn Spaghetti 🍝 Into Ramen Noodles 🍜 In 10 Minutes

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Let’s transform ordinary spaghetti pasta into ramen noodles AND make a shoyu broth!🍜 #emmymade

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Sponsorship
1:31 Introducing the recipe & spaghetti hack.
2:11 How lye water effects ramen noodles.
3:25 What is shoyu ramen?
3:49 Making the aroma oil.
4:09 Preparing the baking soda water.
4:34 Do chopsticks prevent boil over?
5:03 Straining the aroma oil.
5:08 Preparing soup base.
5:29 Making the tare.
6:11 Draining the noodles.
6:28 Making the soup.
6:53 Assembling the bowl.
7:43 Tasting.
10:43 Noisy slurps.

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29 Replies to “Magically Turn Spaghetti 🍝 Into Ramen Noodles 🍜 In 10 Minutes”

  1. I love japanese shoyu ramen so gooooood πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸœπŸœπŸœπŸœ

  2. Looks good! I find I enjoy instant ramen over fresh… although it hurts my stomach. But this I will try.

  3. Hey my fellow Lovelies!!! Dont you guys just absolutely Lβ™₯︎VE how Emmy breaks down the flavors in everything she tries and the way she describes the textures and all that??? Shes amazing!! Such a genuine person, I love her.

  4. "More saltier" hahah oh Emmy ur so cute I just love you!! πŸ₯°β˜Ί

  5. I made ramen noodles into spaghetti when I had leftover tomato sauce from dinner the night before, but not enough leftover spaghetti noodles. It worked great, but I mean they're just noodles anyways, not exactly a revelation or ground breaking substitution. They just came in clutch when I needed them. ✌️🀀🍝

  6. I do this when I don't have yakisoba noodles, turns out great, much cheaper. Not quite as tasty but it's a decent sub. Fewer calories/fat too since most ramen noodles are made with veg oil.

  7. What did italians do to deserve this? Just buy mie noodles, they're everywhere..

  8. Can you make crispy bananas. This is the name of the youtuber, sobat dapur 🍌🍌!!!!

  9. I cannot tell you how freaked out I am that I looked up this exact process just earlier today

  10. Your facial expression says you’re disgusted with this dish… I hear what you’re saying but your mouth and eyes say it’s nasty :/ or maybe you just aren’t good with showing emotion.

  11. Doesn’t the alkali sort of.. gelatinize the starches in the pasta? I think similar to boiling bagels and also how pretzels are made. Gives that wonderful chewy texture. That’s my hypothesis!
    I want to try this! πŸ₯°

  12. You can make sodium carbonate for proper ramen noodles by heating baking soda in the oven or in a pan at 200Β°c or medium heat for about an hour or until it stops losing weight. Give it a stir every now and then. You need to keep it in a sealed container or it will slowly turn back into baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) over time and the proportions in your recipe won't be right anymore.

  13. Personally i hate it when a restaurant trys passing off sketti noodles for ramen, udon, yalisoba noodles!! It can be done but only if im aware. Dont trick me. Lol

  14. I was juuuuust saying to my mom I want to see how I could make angel hair into ramen cause I saw a TikTok that was eggs added to ramen and poof! And your notification dinged! You're amazing! Thank You Thank You THANK YOU EMMY!!!!!!

  15. That is the same brand name for the spaghetti I often buy! I always eat those noodles.

  16. Big whoop, gurl. i turned ramen noodles into Chow Mein once.
    Emmy: πŸ˜‘
    me: reeeeal simple.

  17. Lol I just did this yesterday when I realized that i had ran out of the ramen packets. 🀣

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