Make a "Summer Waltz" quilt with Misty and Charisma Horton on At Home with Misty! (Video Tutorial)

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Waiting for a stunning pattern to waltz into your sewing room? Well, you’re in luck! Get ready to make a gorgeous summer quilt with Misty and special guest designer Charisma Horton. The vibrant colors and showcased prints in the intricate diamond blocks seem to dance across this quilt! The Summer Waltz quilt is layer cake friendly and easy to construct. Sew what are you waiting for? Grab a pretty line of fabrics, the Summer Waltz pattern, and tune in to watch Misty and Charisma Horton work their magic!

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26 Replies to “Make a "Summer Waltz" quilt with Misty and Charisma Horton on At Home with Misty! (Video Tutorial)”

  1. Misty, on block 2 are the large and small outside triangles cut as HSTs or QSTs = is the outside edge of block 2 on the bias? You asked the size of the square for block 2 but not whether the triangles are cut as HSTs or QSTs.

  2. Hermoso trabajo falta las medidas para poderlo elaborar, todas las latinas que la seguimos quedamos en nada. no manejamos el idioma, Gracias

  3. Love this quilt AND the colors. I also enjoy watching someone sew at my speed and not 100 MPH like some demonstrators. Thanks for the great pattern and tutorial.

  4. Love the Summer Waltz quilt! What a great video! You two are so good at working together with good instructions along the way. Please do more of these💕 Thank you both😊

  5. And I do like the way Chrisma sews – nice and slow! I am a very slow sewer (just me!) so I appreciate seeing that I’m not alone.

  6. I love everything that everyone from MSQC does – but I’m a bit nervous with these particular fabric! I’ve been in quilting since 1979 so I’m not a beginner (I called myself a fairly good intermediate😄😄) but these new type fabrics wouldn’t be my first choice. I’d love to see this quilt with fabrics less busy. I think I’ll need to draw out the pattern (once I get it) and do some coloring and testing. Thanks Misty for another super video!!!!

  7. Beautiful fabrics and love the quilt! This makes it very easy to understand how to put it together. My only cringe moment was I think one of the seams got sewn to one side on one end and to the other side on the opposite end so it would twist in the middle. Did anyone else notice that or am I just seeing things? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed that not a lot of attention went into how to press or sew seams. I'd maybe tell people which side it is best to press to, explain nesting a bit and some of that, but other wise, very nice and informative as usual! Thanks!

  8. This was such fun to watch! I love how other fabrics work in with the precuts. Were those from the same collection? They couldn't have played any nicer. The pattern seems fairly simple–and has nice big pieces. lol It's wonderful to get ideas on how to put a pattern together, so once we purchase it, the assembly will go so much smoother. Thank you, ladies!

  9. What a spectacular Boho style quilt which allows the Anna Maria Horner bold prints to shine in the big blocks. Being an Anna and Kaffe fan this is the perfect style quilt to show case the style of fabrics they design. I am glad to know Christina's shop is in Liberty on the way to and from Hamilton from KCMO!

  10. Love the quilt. Thank you for sharing. Was the fabric 100% cotton or rayon blend?

  11. I agree with Kimberly D. I have also seen guest quilters seem uncomfortable sharing measurements. I love Missouri star because they are so wonderful about showing you exactly how to make a block with all the necessary information. I’m a visual learner so watching a video makes so much more sense to me. I’m not sure what the answer is but it definitely takes away from the video.

  12. Please give sizes so we have templates for it. We could cut wrong sizes. Explain like Jenny. Not getting anywhere with this video

  13. Hello! I just got of my sewing room and I have been working on a Christmas gift all day! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Thank you for sharing your time and talent!

  14. I'm pretty sure that machine has a thread cutter button… Great video and great quilt!

  15. This would be so gorgeous in the Malibu Barbie Collection!! I might take a crack at it. ♥️🌈🌅

  16. Tutorial wasn’t the best. Guest speaker was very uncomfortable with explaining what she was doing. They went to the quilt to show how each block fits but then didn’t show that. I was confused how both blocks fit together.

  17. I found this the most uncomfortable tutorial I have ever watched on MSC, and it was not Misty she is always so up beat

  18. If every designer gave out the sizes during a tutorial, no one would purchase their pattern.

  19. Absolutely lovely. I would ask if you would stand to do your work on screen. The majority of the beginning is just you two girls, the corner of the quilt on the wall and not the pieces. I hope this is not considered criticism but a thought that would make me want to watch. I do not care to just watch your heads and shoulders. Thank you.

  20. Delightful pattern. I was a bit surprised that Misty asked Charisma to disclose the sizes of her pieces, since that is essentially giving away Charisma's pattern for free.

  21. Not my favorite colors so I would like to see the quilt in other fabrics. It is beautiful, just not my style. I will check out her site to see if she shows any other fabrics for this pattern. But loved this show!

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