Makeup for Older Women: My 4-Minute Routine, Plus My Top 10 Products

Makeup for Older Women: My 4-Minute Routine, Plus My Top 10 Products

If you have watched my makeup for older women videos with Ariane Poole, you may be curious how I apply my own makeup.

Now, for the first time, I would like to share my personal 4-minute makeup routine with you. I hope that you enjoy it!

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I will also share my top 10 products for mature women.

You can find a full loss of all of the products that I used, along with links, in the following article:

My 4-Minute Makeup Routine for Older Women – Plus My Top 10 Products (Video)

Do you love playing with makeup? What are your favorite products? What other makeup for older women topics would you like me to cover? Please join the conversation!

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24 Replies to “Makeup for Older Women: My 4-Minute Routine, Plus My Top 10 Products”

  1. You apply your makeup so effortlessly and it looks lovely. But unfortunately many of the products you use,which I would love to try. They are not available in Florida where I live..

  2. You should consider dying your hair a light or medium brown. You look too much older than you are with gray hair.

  3. That was one of the best make up videos I’ve seen for older women. Usually the persons like 40 which to me is not an older woman and they have flawless skin. No offense to you but I’m just saying sometimes they’re unrealistic. Your make up is easy it’s natural looking and it’s a realistic make make up it’s not 10,000 products in special techniques I like it

  4. I much prefer makeup tutorials such as this one with a "real woman" (not a Makeup artist), doing her own makeup. Fast, efficient, and you look lovely.

  5. LIKE UR ATTITUDE n videos,, ur new subscriber, makeup was al gud bt i personally think that we should not use highlighter on eyelids they show eyelids droopy or hooded n eyes sunken in,, bt if someone want to apply then one should use only too high near brows,

  6. Great look! I hope you keep ur hair this length. It makes you look much younger and modern. I like this much better than the.longer get hair. It's not to short or long. Good length

  7. Hey Margaret Love that you are keeping with the "less is best" makeup routine for more mature women and since you said that you'd be welcoming of any Suggestions I'd just like to mention (or suggest/advise) that rather than applying the Blush on the "apples of the cheeks" it gives you a lot more of a Lifting effect if it is not applied that close to (the nose and so far Down the cheek – the Higher and Closer to the hairline the Better 🙂

  8. You look lovely, I like makeup, but I don't wear it, I use a good facial wash and a good cleanser. People say that I don't look my age. I suppose that's a good thing, love your channel. Have A good day. 😊🌷

  9. How do those of us with big bushy eyebrows – like me, I’ve inherited my dads – cope? Any tips? Plucking is such a nuisance, there seems to be so much!!

  10. I’m over sixty and a guy and What I see as attractive / gorgeous about women of my age is their smile first … and than it’s all about the way you’ve been outlined from birth like an artist whom sculptures a buss … there’s so many different beautiful shapes that outline the specific lines of her outer boundaries that make up her beautiful head … and her hair that enhances her outer boundaries… and flows ever so softly down ward reaching her shoulders and beyond … that’s really attractive to me … wow the artist of creation really knew what he was doing to push the attraction button within me …lol Make up ? As long as it’s not over done … women who do it for their own confidence… really don’t know much about us older men … women who cut their hair and style it much like a man … how’s that attractive to a masculine male ? Unless cancer is the reason …. or some other logical medical reasons… to each their own … not here to put down anyone… or be critical or offer criticism … I suffer hair loss … and most women my age say I’m a liar about my age due to I look a lot older than my actual age …what can anyone actually say or do that’s acceptable ?

  11. HI DEAR nice simple makeup routine but what is your PRECLEANS routine? have you seen "peaches skin care" videos ? thats so important FIRST hug connie
    "OVER70stillglamorous" 🙂

  12. i have a horrible problem with my under my eyes. i've used so many consealors they don't work
    because of the darkest circles they look sunk in. i tryed the maybelline erase donot woork with all the others. i use light dark and evenbiege too. i am a real light blond Norwegian decent.
    Can you help me iwillkeep watching in hope to find a way. i use under eye cremes too.

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