Making a power switch for my lathe

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Lathe stand build video:


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  1. needs a 5 second timer to delay start up. this will help to prevent accidental start up.

  2. Great project and outstanding execution. And the followup comments about color coding, wago connectors instead of wire nuts, and star washers on the ground connections are great suggestions for improvements. Re the discussion about the basic idea of a single-point on-off switch that is as accessible as your design – don't take it as criticism, but rather as a debate over options. Frankly, it comes down to balancing convenience against potential risk, and I'm not sure what a better arrangement would look like. It might be helpful for you to post another video after a few months of use to let folks know what your experience has been with that approach.

  3. It is always a good idea to stick cables color code. Avoid confusion even for yourself in two years.

  4. Nice work, good concept! Although starwashers on your ground terminals would be nice

  5. Man spends hours building an elaborate way to switch device on and off that has an on-off-switch.
    All jokes aside, this is pretty nice.

  6. Awesome! Did you forget to put those 2 screws in at the top of the timber part you made?

  7. (Electrician here) Please don't Switch the neutral, have it permanently connected. there is no need to switch the return path for current and just adds a potential death trap for zero benefit.

  8. I would have chosen a relay with a low voltage coil, in combination with a small transformator. That is safer for a machine switch.

  9. Maybe you already did it when I wasn't looking. But the metal lid on the box containing the micro switches needs to be grounded, or swapped for a non-conductive material.

    Love your work. ????

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