Making a Shallow Diving Crank bait Lures (Part1) / シャロークランクベイトの作り方1

I made a shallow diving crank bait with a balsa wood sheet. This crankbait is about 7 cm in body size, so I think it’s suitable for targeting largemouth bass.

The lure template used in this video is released on Google Drive, so please download and use it.
[Google Drive URL: ].

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26 Replies to “Making a Shallow Diving Crank bait Lures (Part1) / シャロークランクベイトの作り方1”

  1. In this video the way the wire is formed with 3 eyes in one piece is unnecessary ( in my opinion) . I make these and use 1 wire front to back with eyes on each end. Take a bullet weight and make an eye on one end and stick the other end thru the weight and bend it over the top of the weight. Make a hole in bottom and push the weight in and use use epox to cement it in. Easy

  2. congratulations !!! you do great work, Awesome work. How can I get templates to do them???? thank you!

  3. Congratulations on your channel
    I would like you to give me your lure templates if there is no problem.
    Sorry for the translation and I speak Spanish greetings from Costa Rica Central America.

  4. Felicidades !!!! excelentes vídeos. y lo mejor es que incluyen las plantillas. cosa que otros no dan. seguiré atento a tus vídeos

  5. Can you show us the jaws of black pliers. Black is specialized for wire bending

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