Making a Victorian Aziraphale Cosplay : Good Omens Historically Accurate Project

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It took about two months of work, but the final Aziraphale cosplay is here! I hadn’t done a historically accurate take on a character in quite a while, so it was great to take on a project like this again. The best part is, all of the sewing won’t go to waste! Nearly every piece is something I would regularly incorporate into my daily outfits.

And thanks again to the Chicago Historical Costume Society for such a lovely weekend!

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00:00 Inspiration
04:59 Progress
07:02 Delays
11:47 Abandoned Bits
17:54 Reveal

29 Replies to “Making a Victorian Aziraphale Cosplay : Good Omens Historically Accurate Project”

  1. So utterly amazing! (That black hole of Memphis fedex has lost legit entire custom rugs of mine…well, not MINEbut bought through my company…)

  2. I love you for making this version of Sir Terry (and Neil)'s amazing Aziraphale. It made me smile, Over and Over. Thank you.

  3. I love how the end bit with clips from your trip actually looks like Aziraphale attending a women's club. You absolutely nailed it.

    Also very happy to see that Abby finally got the chance to wear that beautiful hat she got from that millinery shop for the cruise, but couldn't wear then because it was too hot for hats.

  4. I’m just fully OBSESSED with all the details in this! Your love of Good Omens really shines here along with (obviously) your hella exceptional craftsmanship! Also the comedy of you nomming that whole tart during tea is 11/10 XD

  5. AHHH i have been looking forward to this forEVERRR????????it was so worth the wait????

  6. I adore this! It came out so good and it looks like you had a great time. Your Crowley was extra adorable btw. ????

  7. OMG, someone needs to send the link to this to Michael Sheen on Twitter.

  8. Oh, it turned out so gooood! I just love all the little details. I'm a sucker for little details. ????

    …… I really need to get back to my own cosplay that I have literally all the fabrics for and most of the accessories at least planned out and only about five months to finish, in addition to another full outfit for the same con and, well, work ????

  9. I had a package lost in Memphis in February. It got reshipped and I got the new one in a month. Last week the original package showed up! It was beat up but fine, so there’s hope for it to come eventually!

  10. I would get so emotional if I saw you in this IRL omg you look so wonderful!

  11. You follow Buster Keaton's adage while making "The General"–make it so real….it hurts…"

  12. Heavenly!
    I think the cravat is a great match and looks wonderful with the waistcoat. I like to think of this as the 'as new' version of the waistcoat that Aziraphale wears before he has rubbed all the velvet smooth where he has buttoned it for a century (which is one of my favourite costume details from Good Omens).
    Also, the amount of joy in your videos is just so wonderful. Thank you.

  13. That whole outfit turned out fantastic! Wear it out just because. Make your friends to go another tea with you.

  14. What a treat to see this gorgeous ensemble come to life! Also, I know you said you wouldn't be making a video on the shirt, but it would be insanely appreciated. Particularly the buttoned collar piece, what I would give for that pattern.

  15. This outfit turned out absolutely amazing! It's got Aziraphale written all over it, it makes me ridiculously happy to see

  16. These historical Cosplay reveals are always so delightful, and this was no exception! I’m dying to see what Crowley’s 1890’s new woman persona would look like now too, I might have to sketch that out sometime XD This was so good, you even got Aziraphale’s mannerisms down perfectly, let alone the clothes and shoes and wig and hat and AAaaA

  17. Oh! My! It is so well done even with all the little things that didn't go as planed, it is an amazing pice of work. From the shoes to the hat. Beautiful.

  18. Wonderful! Not only is the ensemble exquisite, you seem to be projecting Aziraphale's personality. I hope someone shows this to Michael Sheen! I think he'd appreciate it.

  19. I love it all – but – oh my stars and garters! That waistcoat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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