Making Homemade Tokyo Rig and Long Pole Swivel / 自家製の東京リグとシャフトスイベルの作り方.

I will make a homemade style Tokyo Rig and Long pole swivel.

[List of materials (Long Pole Swivel)]
Stainless steel wire.
Fishing swivel.
Heat shrinkable tube.

[List of materials (Tokyo Rig)]
Long Pole Swivel.
Worm weight.
Fishing swivel.
Split ring.
Worm hook.

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作曲者:ISAo. (イサオ) さん
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27 Replies to “Making Homemade Tokyo Rig and Long Pole Swivel / 自家製の東京リグとシャフトスイベルの作り方.”

  1. No advertising, no useless talking, the creation is the main focus of the video, no disturbing music. This video is great!

  2. Thats so cool. Never made my own rig set up before. Where can i buy the wire and swivles. 1st year fishing.

  3. Buenas tardes soy de México están fantástico tus vídeos me puedes mandar el costo de tus cenuelos 👏👏👏👑👑👑🚤

  4. Можно тросик ставить через кольцо менять вес грузика капельку а не всё пересоединять

  5. My Friend,I think with the heated shrink tube,that is a better design than the VMC Tokyo rig..Bravo my friend!!!

  6. надо попробовать,но чем оно отличается от обычной чебурашки с двумя дополнительными заводными кольцами.

  7. There's nothing special about it.
    You can call it what you want. It's a weighted bait and it doesn't catch more fish. You think it does because now you're paying attention to it more and think it's great in reality a Texas rig is almost the exact same thing.

  8. this is not a new thing, I have been making this and fishing it for years already in heavy Veg

  9. Интересно, что-то вроде балды получилось

  10. Paldies! Ļoti labi! Блин. Что я написал. Но идея зачетная.хорошего дня.

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