Making Jollibee Fried Chicken and Spaghetti | But Better

It’s going to be a chickenJOY to take on Jollibee with the perfect homemade fried chicken.

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22 Replies to “Making Jollibee Fried Chicken and Spaghetti | But Better”

  1. Fun fact… mcdonalds philippines actually added chicken in their menu to compete with jolibee but boy did they suck-ass. Lol

  2. Awesome vid Papa, I'm gonna have to give your chicken technique a shot. JB is one of the best fastfood joints around!
    Fun Fact: the reason the sauce is the way it is, is because they got introduced to spaghetti sauce in WW2, but tomato was not a thing that was easy to get there, so they made it with banana ketchup. Or so it is said.

  3. I like how other people have culture shock when they see and eat filipino spaghetti

  4. Yeeaah i get that.. always knew joshua wouldnt like filipino spaghetti….
    That's cuz its made for filipino kids and boy do they love sweet things. Its just a nostalgia factor for us adults.

  5. The size of that Spaghetti and Chicken portion is twice as what we have here in the 🇵🇭

  6. Why the sauce is sweet??

    Banana ketchup is the secret recipe making sweet spaghetti sauce 😏

  7. I have been watching your videos Joshua for a year now and this is the first time that i will have to press that subscribe button.

  8. Please try to make the peach mango pie and the aloha burger from jollibee. Go Uncle/Tito Josh.

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