Making Statice Wreaths with My Mom! 🌸✂️🥰 // Garden Answer

Making Statice Wreaths with My Mom! 🌸✂️🥰

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20 Replies to “Making Statice Wreaths with My Mom! 🌸✂️🥰 // Garden Answer”

  1. First, 75-80% humidity is every day here in chgo burbs!! It’s miserable for gardening but we do it! Second, I had the same tib/fib ankle break with surgery and plates and screws. IT WAS AWFUL! So it’s great to see your Mom up and about and in good spirits. And finally, beautiful wreaths. I may have to grow status now! ❤️

  2. You are so lucky to have such and awesome mom, so glad she is doing better. Its good to see her up and moving around! Welcome to humidity, I have been dealing with humidity all summer this year in the northeast. We just got done with weeks of high humidity. I am looking forward to fall. Love the wreaths they are beautiful and look wonderful on your mom's door. You should do more projects like this one!!

  3. Those are so pretty! Besides lavender, what are some other good kinds of flowers that would dry nicely for wreaths?

  4. It's the " Crafting Corner "…..with Laura and Susan….Should be a regular thing….once or twice a month you and mom do a project together…and of course once mom is all healed , you can add in the occasional antiquing day… watching your regular daily videos , but it's so much fun to join in on the fun you have with your mom….if you didn't see the boot on Susan's foot , you'd never know she was recovering from that bad break….speedy recover wishes

  5. I love this kind of video too. Susan is so much fun. So happy you have such a beautiful relationship with your mom. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I was tickled to see Mom with you working on a project and to see her coming to and out the door! Way To Go Susan!! And the wreaths are beautiful!! 😍 pure summertime!!

  7. Your mom is soooo soft spirited and looks fun. Like she can be anyone's friend.
    The wreaths look absolutely gorgeous and summery. That yellow was the key

  8. Just laughing when you said " you have to do an indoor project because of the humidity " welcome to every day down south. However I can't deal with the cold and snow so this winter you can laugh at me.

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