Making the Barbie Dress I never had 🥹 #shorts

I really adore this sewing pattern. It’s got all the makings of a beautiful piece! Can you imagine it in a white lace with a big skirt? The perfect little cottage core bridal dress!


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27 Replies to “Making the Barbie Dress I never had 🥹 #shorts”

  1. The message in this video…….as you live and grow as an adult, don’t forget about your childhood self. Give them everything and love them.

  2. I wasn't allowed a Barbie until I was 11- Everyone was saying I was too old …( eyeball roll -I've been begging for her for 9 years)… I started making exotic hand sewn clothes for her immediately…now I'm obsessed with making dance costumes – and yes I still love Barbie…

  3. When i was young i didnt want to be a girl but i didnt want to ask for a truck so i had to act suprised when i got a doll i just played with my brothers

  4. the barbie dress of my ✨D R E A M S ✨ keep on sewing, gunnar 🙂 your work is incredible

  5. I love you and your story SO MUCH!
    I would have totally played Barbies with you, and given you one of your own too! My favorite part was designing her house, the environment/world she lived in, and of course her clothes and hair. Sometimes me or my friends and I would spend so much time setting everything up, that we no longer wanted to play with them, having more fun with the creativity of it all.
    I can't wait to see how this dress turns out. You have such an eye for design and everything you make has your unique flare! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  6. For someone who has absolutely no idea about stitching or designing…you've managed to hook me on your videos. That's just a different talent all in itself ❤️

  7. Yaaaass!!!💖 I wish I grew up around you I would have given you one of mine and we could have made Barbie cloths together! Your amazing and still my favorite 😊

  8. I have been watching you for a vefy long time and i was so afraid to make my dream dress but now im half way through and its my present to myself for my birthday its my first time but im so proud at how well its going. Ive been struggling with depression since i was a kid and now ive found a non distructive way of coping again 🥰

  9. This is a excellent structural design and creation,
    but I feel, that the chosen fabric is cheap looking for the project.
    You find such amazing quality fabrics- and this didn’t need much… could have been a nicer, more luxurious pick for an important piece in your life !
    Sorry, for being honest.

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