Making the Lure Blades for Bladed Swim Jig / スイムジグ用のブレードの作り方

I made a lure blade template for bladed swim jig!. Using this template, anglers can make a swim jig blade with a Colorado blade. Or it can also be made using a metal plate.

Template is published on Google Drive.
[URL: ]
*Type-A is a stable swimming blade.
*Type-B is an unstable swimming blade.

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Making the Bladed Swim Jig / ブレードジグをハンドメイド.
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13 Replies to “Making the Lure Blades for Bladed Swim Jig / スイムジグ用のブレードの作り方”

  1. Definitely add to my likes videos…you got it all… patient, precision, talent…. huge respect 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏 from Meghalaya

  2. You earned a sub.and that's a rare thing with me.but this is ligit question is,do these blades have to be as thick to function? In other words,does their overall weight contribute to their action,or is it just shape and placement of the holes for attachment?if I can use a thinner material,and they still work,this could be an option for me.

  3. nice video! I just posted a 2 part series on how to make your own bladed jigs on my channel, check it out if you get the chance!

  4. для чего козе баян?
    я так назвал бы начало видео, где сначало выпрямляют тесками а потом сверлят по шаблону…)))

  5. Классная приманка вышла, я б еще сделал её незацепляйкой и лепестки из латуни поставил, думаю по щука работало бы на ура 🙂

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