Margot Robbie as a Barbie Doll!!! Let’s Make her a Made to Move Barbie The Movie Doll

“Step into the magical world of the iconic Barbie doll, played by Margot Robbie in the much-anticipated upcoming film, Barbie The Movie. Our exclusive video offers an unprecedented close-up of Barbie’s fashion ensembles and unique accessories.

Elevate your Barbie experience as we transplant this Margot Robbie Barbie onto a flexible ‘made to move’ body, exploring her dynamism and versatility. We’ll also dive into an exciting fashion try-on featuring chic dresses sourced from Amazon that complement Barbie’s style perfectly.

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27 Replies to “Margot Robbie as a Barbie Doll!!! Let’s Make her a Made to Move Barbie The Movie Doll”

  1. Hi my name is Isabel and I would like a shout out please on a rainbow high video also you are amazing I watch you ever day but have you seen the new season of rainbow high. Its amazing and is Bella your sister or daughter please let me know and please. Do the shoutout . Cant wait to see your next vidieo

  2. The pink has got you haha.. it is a great color once you start appreciating it.

  3. Hi sis I am back to your channel after 4 years I love your channel can u pls put darbire show sophie and chloe

  4. Great vid again????! I'm loving that new movie doll & I'm glad she's like a cross between the actress & Barbie instead of resembling the actress only ???? I want to get her & the Ken doll too when they go on sale ???? I can't wait to see you review the glamorous one in the glitter catsuit ????

  5. I can’t wait for the movie to and I love your Chanel your the best youtuber

  6. Did you use the hands from the original Margo R doll ? I can’t believe how easy you removed the hands. I had so much trouble and ruined my hands.

  7. A super great video until the end – those pink dresses…i have no words

  8. I don't think it looks quite like Margot Robbie, but more like a happy medium between the actress and a classic barbie

  9. I love that you recreated the iconic shoe scene from the trailer! So cute

  10. I absolutely love!!!! I need so many of them so I can make so many Harley Quinn live action!!!!! ♥️♦️♥️♦️

  11. Looking forward to seeing all the Barbie Movie dolls when they release! Word is that the Margot Robbie doll will have different versions of her . I believe a disco look and a western look . I'm definitely getting the western barbie and ken !! ???? So excited to see this movie as well ???? I believe Mattel should invite you to the premiere!! I would love to see you and Bella on the pink carpet ????. Thanks for sharing ????

  12. Love youre videos and admire youre crafts so much❤????

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