Martin Lewis gives tips on how to overhaul your finances – Watchdog BBC One

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17 Replies to “Martin Lewis gives tips on how to overhaul your finances – Watchdog BBC One”

  1. I do the piggy banking method, although I don't call it that, basically I have managed to take control of and manage my finances.

  2. Who pays you martin to flog their shit deals – over 50s ??? fu** all savings for over 50s no railcards no nothing just a pile of bullshit, swap accounbts fro 100 pathetic pounds, utilities robbing people council theives, parish council tax theives, state theives, banks thieves, and YOU sit there flouting their shite. (Yeahhhh mattin everyone do a ''budget''' must be easy on your over the hundreds of thousands pay you get mate…..reel your lappy dog tongue in and stop speaking tosh.

  3. BTW if you ever have any train questions be sure that you don't listen to amateurs such as agrinnall, lincroft1710, starrystarry, Undervalued, Tiddlywinks, sangie595, kiddy guy. They are like a cult and dont really wish to help 🙂

  4. Wow 1,2, maybe 3 thousand pounds per year not to have a life! Thanks mate 🤣

  5. Just know the need is many …just to ask if someone earn 15000ksh and as their slots of needs eg
    You want credit card to call your lover all time and many more…
    Remember you have intention of saving some money but the need doesn't allow you if not today you need tomorrow to buy something until you see 4000ksh remain…
    So what's the solution behind according to your experience?????

  6. if this guy is so good why did he sell his website for millions money money money state the obvious then rake in and sell who is he screwing at the bbc shut this bias corrupt organization down a.s.a.p


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