Mary Berry's heavenly slow-roast pork w/ Colcannon mash – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer ? The hand and spring is the upper part of the pig’s foreleg. It is usually sold boned and rolled as a joint, and is less expensive than the major roasting joints, such as leg and loin. Here it is cooked on the bone, slowly braised until really tender. You can also cook pork belly this way.

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Mary Berry explores the wonderful world of simple comfort food, bringing fuss-free recipes that can warm the cockles and lift the spirits.

Mary visits Ireland, where humble comfort food is at the heart of the local cuisine – as Mary discovers at Cork’s local food market, which is jam-packed with culinary delights, from fresh fish and steaming stews to beautiful breads and the famous Boxty potato pancake.

Cork was once the centre of the world’s butter exchange, so Mary sets off in a sidecar to explore Cork’s famous butter roads. She stops along the way to sample some of Ireland’s famous butter before going in search of a traditional Irish cake that is said to tell your fortune.

Mary’s Irish adventure is interspersed with making simple, warming recipes, including a salmon and fennel one-pot wonder, a bubbling lamb and haricot bean casserole that is full of flavour, slow-roast pork with the perfect crackling and a side of buttery Colcannon mash and an irresistible coffee and praline cake that is perfect for any family celebration.

Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts | Series 1 Episode 3 Ireland | BBC

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25 Replies to “Mary Berry's heavenly slow-roast pork w/ Colcannon mash – BBC”

  1. The Indian in me wants to add the cooked pork to some sauteed ginger – garlic – onion spice and tomato mix. Don't mean to offend anyone.

    But I'm sure this would taste heavenly just the same.

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  3. How am I supposed to trust the pallet of a woman who looks like she's had something terrible in her mouth for 40 years?

  4. When will the BBC report news which goes against their preconceived narrative?

  5. Looks like what we call a picnic ham in the southern USA. I cook it slow and at a low temperature also. Never heard of Colcannon mash but it certainly looks good. It has all the ingredients I like.

  6. Bom dia Mary, simplismente perfeito ! Uma de minhas paixões, cozinhar , obrigada por enviar esta delícia de prato,

  7. Sod merry berry Bbc. Check out Ed staffords mate on his new show.hire that dude I’d watch him.

  8. Какая обаятельная женщина! Ок, вы меня уговорили попробовать английскую кухню.

  9. I've never seen nor heard of colcannon before this! Sounds delicious! And those cracklins! I need to try this out!

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    BBC Studios and BBC America are part of the BBC and earn billions each year but are not counted as income.

  12. ‘Conspiracy theorists’ will somehow claim this cooking video to be propaganda

  13. Looks delicious and I would love to smell her kitchen
    Boy, Mary you make us very hungry. Thank you and God bless.

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