Mary Berry's indulgent chocolate steamed pudding – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Indulgent and so comforting, this chocolate pudding is full of rich flavour and served with a divine pouring sauce. It is also great served with ice cream.

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Mary immerses herself in the enchanting Scottish Highlands. Surrounded by magical scenery, snow-capped mountains and frost-covered forests, Mary makes delicious food to warm her up after a day out in the cold, including a tempting sausage and pepper hotpot, some simple twice-baked souffles, a mushroom, lentil and double potato jumble and an onion and sage open puff pastry tart.

Mary hitches a lift through the woods on a husky sled and meets a chocolatier whose highland truffles have made him famous around the world. Back in her own kitchen, Mary makes an indulgent chocolate steamed pudding with a rich chocolate sauce. It is the kind of food that you long to come home to after a day exploring the great outdoors.

Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts | Series 1 Episode 6 Winter Woodland | BBC

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25 Replies to “Mary Berry's indulgent chocolate steamed pudding – BBC”

  1. If you didn't want to place in a basin and steam for 1 to 2 hours. How long would you cook it for in the oven? Regards, Mark.

  2. So often I get jealous of folks who have the privilege of watching BBC. In the states are equivalent is PBS (public broadcasting system). And for all the good programming that is on PBS it has been ferociously defunded over the years. As a result we don’t really have as much original programming as we use to, we’re constantly importing from other countries. And a lot of the grants that are made from the private sector have had a profound influence on a lot of the content and not for the better I’m sorry to say. I’m sure BBC has had similar challenges, however we never produced anything as profound as Doctor Who, killing Eve, or the great British bake off. And while we’re very proud that public television in America gave us productions like American playhouse, introduced us to names like Julia Child and Fred Rogers, there’s so much more we could be doing

  3. I'm not a good cook and mine came out great. It's that easy. As best I could translate the weights to volume measures, I used
    2 Large eggs
    1/2 c (1 stick) of butter (not knowing what 'baking spread' is)
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 tbs cocoa powder
    1/2 cup self-rising flour
    1 teaspoon (at least) of vanilla

    Topped it with a warm New Orleans-style bourbon sauce and it was a hit

  4. My grandmother used to make steamed pudding in a large can. She’s serve it with hard sauce, but that decadent ganache is perfection.

    I could watch this lovely for hours and never get bored. ❤️

  5. so a "pudding" is basically a cake that is steamed instead of baked and served with a sauce.

  6. Mary berry's chocolate cake from sainsburys is one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever tried! 😁

  7. For all the Asians trying to recreate the recipe, you can use a pressure cooker without the weight and cook the pudding in it for 30 mins. 😁

  8. Traditional Avadhi cuisine desserts /dishs are also done definitely electricity problem in UP India 🤣🤣🤣 . Thanks

  9. I have made this pud many times and every time I make it I love it just the same. Who needs an oven. Thank you Mary, we need you in America.

  10. Mary Berry still not a dame yet? Come on British people. Request the Queen to knight her ASAP!!!

  11. Hello , stimata doamna Mary Berry ! Sunt incantata de retetele dumneavoastra si am cumparat cartea "Complete Cookbook". In tara mea nu se gaseste " self-raising flour ".Va adresez o intrebare : cu ce se poate inlocui acest tip de faina ? Va multumesc pentru ajutorul pe care ni-l dati in bucatarie ! Va doresc sanatate si sarbatori fericite !

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