Mary Berry's smoky firecracker chicken drumsticks – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Mary Berry creates the perfect smoky chicken drumsticks – dig in with your hands! Perfect for a cold winter day, to enjoy around a bonfire with the children – easy food to eat in the hand.

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Mary Berry explores the wonderful world of simple comfort food, bringing fuss-free recipes that can warm the cockles and lift the spirits.

Mary heads to the dramatic Yorkshire coastline to celebrate a unique bonfire party, explore the ancient seaport of Whitby and sample some classic, coastal comfort food – fish and chips and ice cream. Mary visits a small smokehouse that has been run by the same family for five generations, where she helps to smoke herring to make their world-renowned kippers.

To end her time in Yorkshire, Mary helps a local community with their unique bonfire for Guy Fawkes Night. Inspired by all she sees, Mary makes a rustic smoked trout pate, followed by a one-pot haddock and shrimp feast.

She also makes some of her favourite warming bonfire food – smoky firecracker drumsticks, posh jacket potatoes and her glorious granny’s sticky ginger cake as the sky comes alive during an epic seaside firework display.

Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts | Series 1 Episode 5 Yorkshire Coast | BBC

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  1. How does Mary Berry never get dirty??
    I mean.. I would have spilled the entire sauce over at least one arm…

  2. I made it Saturday last night
    The chicken 🍗 and potatoes 🥔 were great 👍🏽 !
    The easiest meal to prepare.

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