Mascara Showdown! Falsies Flared Vs. The Rocket ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 14 ♥

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Maybelline Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

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28 Replies to “Mascara Showdown! Falsies Flared Vs. The Rocket ♥ MakeupMAYhem Day 14 ♥”

  1. Try cover girl lash sensational it's the Orange tube with waterproof that's my favorite

  2. I thought that the rocket looked better. your lashes looked more curled and blacker than the falsies.

  3. The rocket is usually wet hmm maybe yours dried out a bot the rocket I with the Brrush had longer things though

  4. The rocket mascara is a way better mascara in my opinion and it is the only mascara I will use

  5. I think that wet mascara are harder to clump than dry one. But dry mascara easily build volume. Depend on which you like more. Personally i like dryer mascara more

  6. Oh my god I didn't know I was watching a colab with you and Ingrid, I just wanted to see what mascara I should get cuz a newbie to make up haha

  7. That's funny, I have both in waterproof and I prefer the Rocket by far, although only for one coat or it will start to look spidery. I like to use the Falsies Flared first, and then finish off with the Rocket if I want the look of more than one coat though, because I like the final look the Rocket's brush gives. It's much better at separating the lashes than the bristled Falsies brush. 🙂

  8. If your gona do a mascara video we should be able to clearly see your lashes close up! Um duh some people use phones and most video's on mascara you can actually see their lashes good no matter what device your using, what little I could see to me looked better on the with the rocket.. am i missing something here? Im not understanding how you could think the other one looked better unless you know your lashes are different in some sorta way and it's something we would't know without being told

  9. Rocket is better and wetter and it's a good clump to make it for voluminous didn't think of that did you

  10. It's really funny because CoffebreakWithDani said in her review the exact opposite, that The Falsies is a dry formula and The Rocket is very wet.. 

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