May Garden Tour 2.0! ???????? (So Much Color Since the Last Tour!) // Garden Answer

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18 Replies to “May Garden Tour 2.0! ???????? (So Much Color Since the Last Tour!) // Garden Answer”

  1. Hi aura, I watch your site but have missed the name of your moms garden center was trying to find indigo supertunia, wondering if they ship

  2. Flagstone walking path through the grass from Hartley to the circle? It would be so pretty!

  3. Hi, what is the white powder under the evergreen shrub close to the beautiful tulips?

  4. What type of mulch do you prefer? I like the look of what you all have.

  5. I just can't express how much I enjoyed this tulip/flowering trees tour. The Hartley tulips are beyond magnificent. Kudos to Laura for catching the color demarcation in the brick patio. Russell parading around as co-tour guide was delightful.

  6. Beautiful morning for May Tour 2.0???? What a great way to start the day????????????????????????????❤ Thanks????????????????????

  7. Cruff (sp?) is pronounced like gruff. Great soccer player for Holland. Very pretty tulips.

  8. Don't you need to know WHY a plant died? I go into my Sherlock Holmes persona and perform a plant/area investigation. If I can solve WHY it died then I can solve the issue.

  9. Such a happy video! ???? So enthusiastic and uplifting, thank you for sharing your space with us. You bring a sense of calm to my day. ????

  10. It's amazing . Wonderful !
    Flowers bloom and environment, design.
    Thanks You for showing

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