20 Replies to “McDonalds SECRET Szechuan Sauce Recipe”

  1. the essential qualities when you are presenting a video are friendliness and approachability. good job!

  2. Too fast to know what he's cooking or how, as usual. What's the first ingredient? Did you say chicken? What's the temp' he's cooking at? Does he adjust the heat? Why not list this any of this information in the Description? ???? Nice "cooking" video, dumb ????.

  3. That would be a great YouTube series”A but better version” only consisting of fast food restaurant signature sauces

  4. So you’ll give us the sauce recipe but not the fries recipe ? Sneaky,sneaky Joshy ????

  5. the szechuan sauce tasted like soy sauce and nothing else. this is what the rick and morty fans wanted to come back?

  6. What's the stuff he said is what makes it Szechuan? He never said what it is….I need THAT so I can try this at home. Any help?

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