Meet The Man Who Dresses Melania Trump | In the Studio

Hervé Pierre designs for a very specific customer: First Lady Melania Trump. We take you inside his New York City studio.

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Meet The Man Who Dresses Melania Trump | In the Studio

27 Replies to “Meet The Man Who Dresses Melania Trump | In the Studio”

  1. You are so beautiful and beautiful you have a wonderful Job and beautiful design for all of Breathtaking…👍👍👍👌💕

  2. Melania est une femme magnifique et élégante, elle est superbement habillée 💜💜💜💐💐💐

  3. Melania is sooo missed as the First lady. I don’t even know the name of the current First lady. 😮🤭

  4. I am a proud Liberal but hands down, Melania Trump is the best dressed First Lady since Jackie O 👏🏾

  5. She always looks so chic and classy. The shoes she wears are just divine. She definitely the best dressed First Lady.

  6. Complicit as Chanel was when she was a Nazi spy. He would definitely flourish in Vichy, France. If I ever see him on the street here in NYC, I’ll spit in his face

  7. Thank you, man! We love you! Great job!!!
    Melania is already beautiful- a real woman after 8 years of a man dressing up as a woman from 2009 to 2016 As a First Lady

  8. I have been watching this video for several times now for the last year and really enjoy it. This is what America is all about. When we elect the president we all should hope that he or she will succeed and do great things for our country. But liberal media and democrats and people support them trying everything they can to destroy this White House. It is unbelievable. Half of this country voted for this president and we must respect it and support him by putting our differences aside. I am an independent and I will vote based on policy not party or affiliation. I think Melania Trump is the new Style Icon of the 21st century.

  9. He does and amazing job, she is always dressed so pretty. She is beautiful so anything probably looks beautiful on her.

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