Mid Summer Perennial & Flower Bed Maintenance! 🌿✂️😄 // Garden Answer

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28 Replies to “Mid Summer Perennial & Flower Bed Maintenance! 🌿✂️😄 // Garden Answer”

  1. Morning all! What became of the hollyhocks? You were hoping to save them from bug damage? They were so beautiful! I keep trying to eyeball them in near by videos! 😄
    Great job in that heat today! Everything looks beautiful! Thx Laura!

  2. Retired in Feb, pandemic in March and then found you and Arron. This "Garden Cit-idiot" knew nothing of shade, full sun or care for plants but now has a small but glorious yard. THANKS

  3. Hi friend, Great video in summer👌
    I think after summer 2022, gardeners should plant more tolerate flowery full sun shrub like, Robinia, botterfly or …💚💚💚

  4. All that trimming and all I can think of is all the mulch I could use in my garden.

  5. Great job and it is rewarding to see the refreshed appearance ! Your evening drive will be so pleasant know this task was completed now sit back and enjoy the gardens in this heat. Take children swimming 🏊‍♂️

  6. My pinpoint cypress also did not survive , and not due to excess water . It’s unfortunate because it has lovely colour. Laura, great reminders when pruning, staking and not feeling guilty on removing or sheering those plants where required! 🌸🇨🇦

  7. Good morning Laura! That was super satisfying to watch and see the outcome 🙂 Stay cool!

  8. Thank you Laura for showing us the new plants. As a 2nd year gardener, I need to be reminded to have that "faith in planting" you talk about. You are always such an inspiration.

  9. Laura,
    Kudos–you staked the delphiniums!
    Was hoping, when ya watered the greenhouse, for a mini-tour. Would love to see what's in there–a teaser for future plantings.

  10. Hi there! Are you concerned for the beautiful plants up against the house when you start painting!☀️

  11. I’m so proud of you Laura you staked the delphiniums. They look gorgeous⚜️

  12. Good morning GA. I love these maintenance videos. It is such a good reminder of garden jobs that are easily forgotten. I have some daisies in one bed and salvia in another bed. This is my list making time in the morning but those always slip my mind. It is very hard to get motivated when it is so hot and humid so thank you for your inspiration. Those delphinium are so much happier!

  13. I think because my growing season isn’t as long as yours if I cut back anything that drastically this time of year it wouldn’t have enough time to grow back and harden off before killing frost arrives. I would be afraid of losing that plant entirely because of all of the fresh new growth. Just my thoughts 🌸💚🙃

  14. Laura, how do you bait for earwigs or slugs? I have ligularia that they love. 🙁

  15. Armchair Gardening 😅 So satisfying just to watch Laura trimmed, cut back, dead-head and groomed the garden.

  16. I don't understand how you can work with your hair all done down and long sleeves with such high temps, I watch your videos you do so much love your plantings and ideas

  17. Careful with those pruning shears! I had a run in with a spider web not long ago and cut my arm with the pruning shears I was holding (the safety close was broken). 8 stitches later I have a gnarly scar and new shears.

  18. Thank you for sharing the maintenance side of your garden. It's really helpful. I learn a lot. I love it when everything is all nice and tidy! It makes my brain happy! I'd probably shape up that elderberry. It's a little like kids saying Mom he's touching me!!! 😄

  19. I couldn't tell there were delphiniums there, that was a total transformation! Please, oh please, limb up that Elderberry, it looks like a big blob engulfing everything around it. The other one looks so, so good since you limbed it up.

  20. Gosh I remember when you planted that area. I think I remember that the house had a lot of acreage with it at one point in time. The area that is different may have housed some horses or cows at one point in time. Over the years they may have made it a more fertile area.🌸💚🙃

  21. What tipped the balance to a new pair of Felcos? I know you walked us through how to repair and clean them, so wondering what the heck you did to your old ones that required all new! 🤣

  22. Good morning! What an informative video! Does Aaron apply liquid or granulated chelated iron? I have a few plants that are in constant need of iron and I've tried both methods. I am not sure which is best (Iron-Tone or Bonide liquid are my two choices thus far) and wonder if Aaron has found a good/better solution. Thank you again for all you do!

  23. Here in the U.K are starting to get hose pipe bans ,do you guys ever get those?.

  24. I feel like this year you’ve mentioned so often trouble with your drip irrigation. Must be very frustrating. Makes me so thankful I live where the average rainfall is 38 inches per year where you don’t necessarily need to keep your eyes on everything every single day.

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