*MINI* Squid Game Dalgona (Honeycomb Candy) Making | Miniature Cooking

I decided to make a DALGONA (달고나) or Honeycomb Candy but it’s very tiny! This candy challege is now getting so much harder! I believe no one has ever made a dalgona this small like me in the miniature kitchen. Will it break? Will I survive the deadly games? Let’s find out!
*MINI* Squid Game Dalgona (Honeycomb Candy) Making | Miniature Cooking
Link: https://youtu.be/3URf6gzv4cA

🍰 Ingredients 🍰
-Baking Soda
-Cake mold

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Hi, I’m Mini Bakery ! I make nothing but TINY TEENY CAKES in my own miniature kitchen. I also have a mini Bakery where I sell my cakes to all the lovely customers. I’m a tiny creature although I have quite big hands 😛 But I don’t mind cause I still can make many beautiful mini cakes.
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  1. I have some important feedback, you need to stamp it right after you flatten the past otherwise it will crack almost everytime

  2. Wow, you made it. When I was a kid(in 1980), I often made this cotten candy at my home. It is easy to make it. Wonderful, Miniature Cooking ❤️

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