MIRACLE CLEANING HACKS for your ENTIRE home 🪄🏠 (Scrub Daddy Secrets!)

Hey, guys! Today we are kicking 2023 off with a cleaning video using Dollar Tree products plus one of my favorites, the Scrub Daddy! I love Dollar Tree shop with me, and Dollar Tree Organization. It’s time to get clean in the new year!

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Damp Duster: http://bit.ly/3GBej9T
Scrub Daddy products: https://amzn.to/3vBHAek


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23 Replies to “MIRACLE CLEANING HACKS for your ENTIRE home 🪄🏠 (Scrub Daddy Secrets!)”

  1. Don’t forget how you can control the density of your scrub daddy with the temperature of your water. The warmer the water, the softer your scrub daddy sponge will be, but if you use cold water, that’s great for scrubbing tough items

  2. 2 cups of vinegar and 1/4 cup of dawn on glass. Use a lite scrub on glass in shower leave on 5 min, then water it off…. glass is crazy clear. All water spots come off.

  3. Thank you so much Katherine for always being here when I have trouble cleaning cause I don’t feel the best. I always open YouTube to search your channel when I need the motivation I really appreciate you and everything you do. Your kind words really help more than you’ll ever know, beautiful ❤ You’re the best mom, wife, YouTuber and person ever

  4. Thank you for posting I love scrub mommy the most-two for one!! You showed me items I didn’t know was on the market so thank you for that. Love your channel. 😊

  5. Love scrub daddy products ever since I saw them on you tuber Aurikatariina who clean houses for free

  6. I have used Folex for years. I even used it to get grease from a leaky treadmill out of carpet.

  7. I love the scrub Daddy’s and Mommy also. Thank you so much 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  8. Folex is amazing… I used to live in San Diego area and we knew the family that developed Folex. Nicest people, they of course are gone now and the family I believe has continued the company. It is a great product.

  9. Folex is THE BOMB! I've used it for years. It even got dog diarrhea out of my white carpet! Love your channel.

  10. As usual, you are such an inspiration! I love watching your videos, specially when I need to get stuff done, but I’m feeling sluggish. Your videos pep me right up. Thank you for being you!!!❤

  11. Hi Katherine,
    Just wondering if you have any tricks to getting cigarette smell out of leather furniture???

  12. Scrub daddy and pink stuff is AND A LOT OF ELBOW GREASE is the only thing that helped take off hard water stains and soap scrum from my shower

  13. Catherine I live alone and I'm in my seventies so I love your easy to clean videos in your tricks and tips. Keep them coming!

  14. I've been looking on the Dollar Tree website for the fabric woven baskets but I can't find them. Were they Dollar Tree? Where can I get them?

  15. I went out of my way to get the Scrub Daddy, and I think it’s overrated in my opinion. I don’t feel it’s better than other tools

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