"Modern Slavery"? ???? | Ashville Weekly ep124

This week on Ashville Weekly we continue to play SimCity in the Yard, work continues on the Refurb project and there’s a hole in my grading bucket… dear Tezza!

Daniel models the new Ashville uniform while Terry points out how the ‘Modern Slavery’ laws feel familiar as “Money Appears to be Limited”!

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25 Replies to “"Modern Slavery"? ???? | Ashville Weekly ep124”

  1. The whole segment in the car where you are spitting facts is I would say my favourite parts in those Asheville episode man, the way you talk about the day to day struggles of owning a company and the work you gotta put in man let me tell you, it feels great to be able to say " I'm not the only one, the is the right path " (got a definitely smaller company than you but still counts)

    Thanks Dan you are a real one

  2. That hard hat where can I get one av been asking for months am ringing office on Monday ????????????

  3. u want to show the world how strong u are and u are daniel your a big strong boyxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hay Daniel might have been suggested so forgive me if this is old ground.. could you not add a live webcam to the website so fans can see a bit of live action see more day to day

  5. Good to see the @yellowtail wine in the background in the post office. From my workplace to yours….. sorta. ☺️

  6. Daniel you've put in words,what young people now, can't comprehend..social life has to be worked and planned around work commitments. I. Blue in the face trying to explain this, to be left with the answer that I have a problem!!!????‍♂️ my question…can we get that clip widespread in the schools and colleges. Good work, always a motivation.

  7. New uniform looking good but definitely needs Ashville on the back as well as the front

  8. Dan, all this barriers that are gray/red and look pretty beat up and broken. Paint them all yellow/black. Will match company color and the yard will look more fresh.

  9. I'm in a completely different area of business, but the possibility for cross-fertilisation of ideas from watching this is rich:)

  10. Here I am on holiday in Mauritius and watching episode 124 , hooked or what , still got time to hit the 29-degree heat

  11. How many British people work for Ashville or do u have people no speak English

  12. Where are all your hard hats in that yard, all staff should be wearing them when in the yard + goggles in certain areas

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