Moms vs. Dads: The Checklist | #MOMTRUTHS

Let’s get real here, moms and dads have very different checklists when it comes to, well…absolutely everything.

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Hi, guys! We’re Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer. Together we parent seven children under the age of seven, manage two husbands, and run Social Common. After hosting events and partnering with some amazing brands, we have unlocked the social media world of moms! We are ready to take it to the next level via our YouTube channel. Social Common is an online community that allows for women to come together to discuss, share, and learn about parenting and the journey of motherhood.

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15 Replies to “Moms vs. Dads: The Checklist | #MOMTRUTHS”

  1. After all this women will still say “omg I want another baby”. Never made sense to me

  2. Guess Im weird. I like women who are naggy and whiny like this. So hot. The ladies talk harshly about their husbands, but they keep having kids with them. What that tells me is they really love their guys.

  3. I want to be a man. Dont forget mothers have to make sure the kid(s) urinate or poop, how much, how often & we dont even get to do either ALONE. Why do the spawn(s) have to accompany us to the restroom?
    Confession: sometimes i go pee just to get away for a few mins. Then the lil fingers are under the door & im like dude…..leave me ALONE.

  4. Committed husband here – for better or for worse…Do you gals, or any moms reading the comments, ever ask for help from your husbands?
    If my wife would simply ask me for help instead of not verbalizing her concerns or frustrations, I would absolutely go out of my way for her.

  5. And I bet your husband just sits in a nice corner office drinking scotch and talking to his buddies all day……….. Right? Or, maybe he works a job he hates that is soul sucking to provide for his family just so he can come home to a wife that hates him and doesn't recognize or appreciate anything that he does. Got it.

  6. Given this information, let's forget about marriage and families altogether.

  7. I have a law in MY house. Inside is YOUR job. Outside is MY job and shall they never meet?

  8. Don't take this the wrong way, but I feel like your husbands A: don't care to help i.e. are dicks B: you guys are overstating your stress levels for comic effect or C: maybe you need to let the hubbies in on your needs…we have three little terrorists and yes my wife is stressed as shit, but don't worry so am I. And you wanna bet I don't know our schedules or how to clean the house 🤨? Background info, my love works full-time and I have 3 jobs.

  9. When you’re getting ready for a dinner party. It’s OK for the husband to help vacuum etc.

  10. I agree. My wife is the family general. How does she remember everything? Amazing.

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