MOST COMMON CLUTTER MISTAKE 🙌 Finally beat your "just in case" stuff!!

THE ULTIMATE FREE PASS when it comes to clutter is the “just in case” clutter. Am I right? Because you can apply that thinking to ANY ITEM. It’s so easy to say, “well I just might need this” about literally any slightly remotely useful item in your home. So, how do you combat the easiest get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to your clutter?

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10 Replies to “MOST COMMON CLUTTER MISTAKE 🙌 Finally beat your "just in case" stuff!!”

  1. I have a lot of stuff that is needed only once in a while and struggle storing them or actually finding them, when needed as I don’t remember where I put them years ago. I justify owning these items with sustainability, since buy-throw away-buy again confiicts with that:/ We live far away from our friends and family so borrowing things is not easily possible and I end up buying everything and anything..

  2. This was really helpful to me, even though I have decluttered loads of stuff over about the last 10 years. On the back of this video I have just got rid of a ball of string, glass beads, a jug, a glass jar, coloured ribbon, laminated words of a psalm… I am a minister and sometime use these things as props in services. The glass jar I have had over 7 years and in fact only used it 3x as a sermon illustration.-keeping just in case… Thank you for freeing me up!

  3. I have to say I’m the past 5 or so years I’ve watched hundreds 😂😩 of decluttering vids and these were some great questions I haven’t heard! 💜 great vid ty

  4. All good points!

    In relation to your mom wondering if she should buy the back-up Keurig: a friend once wanted to do this with a kitchen aid. She discussed it with her mom who pointed out that while yes, it was on sale, the warranty would run out before she even got to use it (friend was moving out for college and wanted to store it at her parents' house for the time being).

    In hindsight those machines are always on sale somewhere, so chances are she could just buy it on a sale somewhere else when the time came for her to get one.

  5. @Kallie I have plenty and I'm cleaning out a 10×10 storage that's been packed since 2014 smh …BUT I have an important question….what do you do with the just in case item that you really love and want but don't get to use…. Example I have really pretty dresses but don't go anywhere ATM to wear them…

  6. Sorry – now I’m full of anxiety. I have desire conflicting with reason.My kitchen! It’s completely “just in case.” What if I want to make six muffins instead of twelve? What if I need a 7×4 pan instead of an 8×6 pan? I actually start measuring pans, going on Amazon, then going crazy! I guess I should invest in therapy instead of pans. 😣

  7. So right after I watched this, I marched straight into my bathroom, yanked open all the drawers, pulled out all the half-used lipsticks and eyeliners, gathered all the months-old makeup samples and expired otc meds, dumped them into a plastic grocery bag, tied it up, and tossed it into the trash bin.

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