Big life update in today’s video, thanks so much for watching!
xo’s Tati

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  1. Im not religious myself, however, i will send prayers, strength, positive vibes, energy… whatever you need. We all got your back😘

  2. I love that you're talking about real things and my family got sick too it was crazy my step dad lives here in Arizona with us or lived and then my biological dad lived in Texas but they both ended up passing they both had got cancer and then got covid and died we lost four family members in 2 years

  3. All the baby dust to you Tati! I know nothing in this world would make you happier and you deserve that.

  4. My hubby fainted at the last wedding we went too, a worker there said someone faints almost every wedding.
    It seems to be from dehydration so he's okay

  5. I hope things start to flow smoothly for you soon. I lived in Texas for 5 years and moved back to my home state in '2012. I only had rough times in Texas. Not for me.

  6. Thank you for sharing! So glad you are a back!! Not just in videos but with life!! I have been following your channel for years and towards the end of your stay in LA I feel I definitely could see the stress taking its toll on you in your posts. Wishing you peace and happiness 🤍

  7. Have you tried the blurring balm powder from Danessa Myricks ? It is a foundation and it is balm like and when you put it on your face with the brush and in 2-4 hours it turns into a powder and it is great in the heat! You will never get oily on the T zone! TRY IT! With love Frida from Iceland

  8. I had a hard time getting pregnant too but there was a plan and I had a beautiful baby boy Adam 20 years ago I will not get into the story but he was tragically taken from us but met years later a young woman who had addiction problem and we adopted her baby right from the hospital so now I have a beautiful little girl who will be 6 soon…..there’s always a plan

  9. you smiling in the beginning literally made me cry, you deserve all the happiness

  10. That red dress is gorgeous! Love the length and simplicity of it!! I’m a big lover for dresses in the spring and summer. Loved your intro. That looked like such a happy family event ☺️🥰. Hang in there you two! Once you’re done and moved in you can just live your life and enjoy.

  11. I find it so interesting how many people are suddenly packing up & moving to Texas, of all places…

  12. Omg so many things to say and first I’m praying for your family and girl until or unless people go through infertility issues they have no clue what it’s like for your period to start after praying all month that’s your month and sending ALL the baby dust to you and James 💗

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