Motorcycle Tips and Hacks

Here is a list of my top motorcycle tips and hacks. I hope you find some of them useful when you are out touring with your motorbike.

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27 Replies to “Motorcycle Tips and Hacks”

  1. Did you know that putting the bike in gear and turning off the kill switch can save you from carrying a cable for your brake lever hack?

  2. I liked your video man. Sad music though. Made me feel like you toured a lot by yourself learning those things. I love to ride alone but I have always thought it would be cool to actually know a group of people that where down for rolling where when I am. I grew up travelling the USA going to rock music concerts and doing complete tours, but everyone had cars or vans or motorhomes school busses never any down TWF people. I hope more people learn how much better these roads are in two wheels. Thank You for the tips.

  3. I have a tip for you. Never rub the front of your visor on a worksurface

  4. The front brake bungi wrap around may help keep air and moisture out of brake master cylinder.

  5. Rather than wrapping a cable around the lever , I find a reusable zip tie works great for stuff like that. I keep some in my bike for various reasons.

    Lose a fairing bolt somewhere along the way , its good to have something to hold it in place until you get home.

  6. If you are having trouble figuring out your location or direction, point your GPS towards the horizon.

  7. Thanks for the the tips but gotdam this was boring as fuk maybe some happier music wtf

  8. Dryer lint in a toilet paper roll as a firestarter is a bit bulky for bike camping. Instead, try mashing up a bunch of cotton balls with Vasoline. I travel with an old pill bottle full of them. Pluck one out, toss some kindling over it, and it'll get a fire burning merrily in no time. Old sailor's trick: You can also use them to dress up and waterproof battery terminals. bullet connectors or other electrical connections.

  9. I've been opening my soup/bean cans this way my whole life, even with pull-tabs …. gives me that extra iron needed & the extra grit helps clean your teeth. The leftover residue on my sidewalk helps seal the concrete plus the excess gives all the neighborhood animals a tasty treat too.

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