Mould 76: What is inside this Vintage Pottery Mould?

This is the series where I reveal what is inside these pottery moulds I found on Gumtree.

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Here are my research websites for this weeks little history adventure:

Images in this video were all sourced from a google search under ‘Cow Milk Creamer’

The story goes, I found a listing on gumtree for pottery stuff. When I arrived the seller said ‘I have all these pottery moulds would you like them as well?’ and I said ‘why not’. On the way home, I had the brain child to do a social media video series revealing what each mould is.

The mystery is in the fact that I had no idea what I had said yes to, some of the moulds are labelled and easy to tell but some of them are a little more difficult. The beauty is that all of the plaster moulds surprise you no matter the presentation of labels, titles or identifiable surface inside.

So come join me as I dive into this series and share the mould fun. I would love to hear any information you may have on the moulds and to let me know any stories you have that the moulds remind you of in the comments.

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15 Replies to “Mould 76: What is inside this Vintage Pottery Mould?”

  1. So cute. Think personally I'd paid on a big chocolate chip cookie. Only thing I eat with milk. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. You could make little handkerchief/bibs to go around their necks, to mop up the milk dribbles after pouring :p

  3. i love that you did the folk art inspired cows!! dutch traditional art is really underappreciated.. so glad i clicked on this, made my morning 🙂

  4. I love these but I kinda wish you had made the milka cow it would have been sooo cute ????????

  5. Bee saving Tip:
    Put some pieces of wood or flattish sticks that will float in your water buckets. They will soak up enough water so the bees can land on them and get their drinks???? ???????????????????????? Thanks for caring ????????????✨????

  6. Love them all but the black and white one got the most reaction from me. So adorable!

  7. I love these and you did such a beautiful job painting them. If I saw them in a shop I'd have a difficult time choosing just one.

  8. I love the historical information so much. When I retired from my government job, I was a DAIRY INSPECTOR!! Ha ha!! They are so very beautiful!

  9. Maybe a larger, tilted hole with a slightly pursed lip? I agree about the horn colour needing to be different, but I just I've the patterns you've done. So cute. I think I'd use them as vases anyway

  10. They're all very nice but the folk art ones are so pretty!
    Use gold on the horns!

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